BFN day 14...then BFP day 19!

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BFN day 14...then BFP day 19!

Postby athinka6 » Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:07 am

I'm finally posting instead of constantly stalking and looking for hope! So this was our third IUI cycle using donor sperm (same sex couple). I carried our first child. We used my partner's eggs and same sperm donor via IVF. This cycle using my eggs, same sperm donor. We had 6 vials of sperm to work with. We decided we would try 2 cycles without drugs, office insemination. Well the first two cycles were big fat NEGATIVE! The third cycle we used clomid, US (2 follicles) and an HCG trigger shot. Well the 2 week wait came and went and I decided to test on Day 14. BFN...I was devastated and beginning to lose hope really. I was prepared for my period to come, call the office, start cycle 4...blah blah blah. Not to mention the costs involved with each cycle (thanks insurance). Well Day 16 I began to have the usual premenstrual cramping, low back pain, etc. Went to the store and even bought tampons, preparing myself. My period was due to arrive on Day 17 or 18, according to my fancy app. The cramps continued, even so much as to wake me up in the night. I was super cranky, irritable, short-fused...I could go on. Day 17 and Day 18 passed...and still no period?!? Wait, hmm....I started to actually allow myself a glimmer of hope, but really didn't want to test again for fear of disappointment. My partner really wanted me to take another test, but I refused. Day 18, in the afternoon, I was in the library doing some work when out of nowhere I was overcome with nausea....could this be? No...must be in my head, maybe I haven't eaten enough today. I still refused to take another because surely my period would be arriving tonight. Day 19 - I have plans to go out boating all day. I am absolutely starving and eating a LOT more than I normally do. Day 19 I decide to test. I pee on the stick and within seconds....BFP!!!! I couldn't believe it. I am in tears and my partner and I are dancing around the kitchen as our 2 year old looks on convinced we had both lost our minds! We did test again on Day 20 just to be sure...BFP. We now have our bloodwork appt scheduled for tomorrow! Wish us luck and continued healthy baby thoughts.
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Re: BFN day 14...then BFP day 19!

Postby HighlandGamesGirlCO » Mon Jul 11, 2016 1:49 pm

:congrats: What a wonderful story! Wishing you all the best! :hh9:
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Re: BFN day 14...then BFP day 19!

Postby Mrstae » Thu Mar 29, 2018 8:57 pm

Love your story! At least now I know if I test on day 14 and don't get a positive or AF to keep testing ♡
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Re: BFN day 14...then BFP day 19!

Postby Kazam2817 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:06 am

This gives me hope! I am also in same sex couple and we tried home insemination with our own donor 6 times and I got pregnant on the 6th time but unfortunately that ended in MC. This is our first round of IUI (and I live in the UK so have to pay privately for this, fertility treatment is so expensive!). Am currently 13dpo and still all BFN.. Am normally 31 day cycle so AF due on Friday. This is also the day we are back at the clinic for urine and blood tests so either way we will know. I am trying to keep the faith but its not looking great. Congrats to you and your growing family, that's awesome new!
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