BFP after 7 cycles of TTC

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BFP after 7 cycles of TTC

Postby hadleym9 » Sat Nov 05, 2016 12:15 pm

Hey guys! I haven't been on in awhile, but I'm finally back with good news - I'm pregnant! Me and my partner were trying to conceive since about January or February. In April I started taking prenatals because I heard those helped when TTC. I even went vegan in August to see if it would help me get a BFP. Finally, in September, my partner and I decided to not stop trying, but it wasn't the first thing on our minds. I was more of a dairy free pescetarian at this point in terms of my diet, and I switched from the Olly brand of prenatals to Vitafusion prenatals. My partner and I only did the deed a few days before I got my period in early September, and then only one time two days before I was supposed to ovulate. I didn't think anything would happen that month because most people BD multiple times before ovulation. However, I went out and bought tests just in case my period was late. I couldn't control myself so I used both tests that came in the box and those were negative. However, I took them the earliest that you can take First Response tests. I had a feeling they were wrong, though. I felt so different.
About a week and a half had passed since ovulation, and I wasn't feeling the best in the nighttime. I was nauseous at night and had some twinges and a few cramps in my uterus. I thought maybe it was my period coming. My partner told me I should go see my doctor if they keep happening, and I said I would if it didn't go away in a few days. It didn't, but I didn't go to the doctor quite yet. My partner and I were watching a movie one night and he looked up "evening sickness" and all of these pregnancy forums popped up, which I thought was pretty weird. It felt like he was foreshadowing me finding out I was pregnant in a way.
I went out and bought another box of First Response pregnancy tests the next day. I also want to add at this point, I thought I was getting sick. I was weak, tired, had cold chills, and was still nauseous. I was probably around 10 DPO at this point. When I got home for the store, I took the test, and I saw a faint line. I was so excited but I didn't believe it at the same time. The next morning, I took another test, and it was darker than it was the day before. I kept taking tests each morning and they kept getting darker and darker and I was thrilled. I finally got another brand of tests and they were positive, too. I finally got a box of digital tests, and both of those tests said YES+. I told my partner that night and he was excited about it.
My symptoms were cramps, evening nausea, weird cravings, headaches, fatigue, weakness, and I had no PMS symptoms. I usually get really irritated before I get my period, and I was actually quite happy which was weird to me.
I think it's so weird how I got pregnant once I didn't really think about trying to get pregnant. It's strange how things happen. I also want to put it out there that I confirmed it with my doctor on October 11th.
Now that I am pregnant (7w5d - EDD June 19), I will say that my nausea has increased so much. I haven't thrown up in so long before being pregnant and I've thrown up at least twice in the past two weeks which is a lot for me. I also get grossed out by a lot of certain foods. My breasts were pretty sore for a week or two, and they've grown in size by at least half a cup size. I've had some cramps, but I'm assuming that's the uterus growing. I also passed old, brown blood for about a week and a half. I have my first ultrasound appointment on Tuesday, on 8w1d, so I'll find out how far along I actually am and what the actual due date is.

I hope this gave some hope for people who are TTC!
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Re: BFP after 7 cycles of TTC

Postby Caprice » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:35 am

This is the most beautiful story I've read all week! Wow, I am so happy for you. You've had such a tough journey. Seven years is a long, long time! I'm glad things worked out, finally. Here's to hoping everything else goes smoothly. Good luck on a healthy pregnancy! You've done it, momma!
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