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36yo African 300-lb w/ vaginismus TTC #2 (first try)

Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:42 pm

I included some demographics on myself to be relatable to those with similar background :)

Preg History: Just 1 pregnancy (conceived on 3rd attempt). Gave birth to DS via csection.

Typical Cycle: 28-29 days
O Day: CD 16-17 (12 day LP)

With TTC #2 cycle 1, DH didnt want me in pain from penetration (like with DS) so we inseminated using CVS 1ml syringes (filled 2 with sperm) on O-2 (no orgasm) and O (orgasmed). Moderate EWCM; hips raised 30-mins after; INTENSE O pain on O day.

1dpo to 12dpo
Dull uterine cramping and pulling throughout (never with DS)

4dpo to 12dpo
Breast aches/tingling on and off (also with DS)

Uterine pressure and frequent urination; strongly suspected UTI; Azo test strip +ve for leucocytes -ve for nitrites. Next day doc said my urine was crystal clear (first Preg suspicion). Hospital hpt BFN (6dpo)

Drove myself APE-SHIT CRAZY checking for implant bleeding but saw none (had it at 10dpo with DS)

BFN with FMU (got bfp with DS on this dpo)

11dpo to 13dpo
Intense ache in right ovary (never happens; second Preg suspicion - perhaps my corpus luteum being rescued?)

Vivid dream of getting 3 consecutive hcg blood tests with values 0, 15 and 80. Gassiness and vaginal twinges - typical pre-AF symptoms

BBT 98.56. Didnt temp this cycle but from previous cycles with DS, temp always dipped below 98 by 13DPO (third Preg suspicion). $tree New Choice hpt with FMU = the FAINTEST BFP imaginable. Didn't believe it, kept expecting AF any second.
Nipples getting superhard all by themselves. Cramping and gas and body aches.

BBT 98.50 Tested evening with FRER 2-hour hold. Clear BFP.

Re: 36yo African 300-lb w/ vaginismus TTC #2 (first try)

Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:05 pm


Re: 36yo African 300-lb w/ vaginismus TTC #2 (first try)

Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:09 pm

Thank you Danaa!

Re: 36yo African 300-lb w/ vaginismus TTC #2 (first try)

Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:52 am

Congratulations. However, I read that you have vaginismus. I have had it also. I couldn't have I/c at all. Have you tried a self help kit? That really helped me. I was able to have relations with DH after using it.

Re: 36yo African 300-lb w/ vaginismus TTC #2 (first try)

Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:14 am

Hallo! Yes I did use a self-help kit. It helped somewhat but my DH is thicker tha the largest dilator I could find lol. We've decided to get an actual dildo that matches his girth and use that for dilation exercises.
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