TTC#2 BFP 1st cycle after 15 cycles and IUI for #1!

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TTC#2 BFP 1st cycle after 15 cycles and IUI for #1!

Postby chalt14 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:41 am

Hi ladies! When TTC #1, we finally had to see a fertility specialist after 14 failed cycles. DH was likely the issue based on sperm counts (bad but not terrible), unless there was some minor issue with me that couldn't be detected. We got a BFP after our first IUI. Fast forward a bit over 2 years, our son is 17 months old, I started my period for the first time since he was born and TTC #2 feels very real (and scary!!). Not knowing how long it will take, we decide to go for it.

I used an OPK, got a + on CD19. We BD'd CD 13, early CD18 and late CD 19. Strong BFP CD 32!! We were shocked! Something must have changed. So, this is what it feels like to get a BFP au natural and quickly!!
TTC #1 since Aug.2013 16th cycle Me: 26 normal cycles, no known problem DH: 30 some MF stuff

7/3/14 - DH's SA #1: Concentration - 8mil/ml (volume 3 ml) Motility - 36% Morphology 3%

10/6 1st RE appt. Ovaries good. Uterus leans more on the right but anteverted. DH given Naturally Smart vitamins to try for a month before a new SA 10/14 HSG - normal!

11/4 DH's 2nd SA: Concentration 32mil/ml (volume 3ml), Motility 30%, Morphology 5% We are doing IUI this cycle! 11/7 CD3 FSH 7.7 Estrogen 34. Clomid 100mg CD3-7

11/17 26.7 & 21.05mm follicles, 8.3mm lining, estrodiol 810, Pregnyl HCG trigger 8:30am. 11/18 IUI 7.2 million motile sperm post wash and 11/19 IUI 11.2 million!

11/30 BFP!! 12/4 beta 134 12/8 beta 562 progesterone 45 12/10 beta 2008 progesterone 43

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