BFP after 6 months TTC

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BFP after 6 months TTC

Postby Miki22 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:22 pm

I have been lurking ever since I started TTC, and I got the BFP today! I registered just to share my story; maybe it will help someone. IT IS LONG, SORRY!!

I am 26. I have been taking birth control for 8 years. I got off of it in late September 2016 and my cycle stayed regular at 28 days. It was frustrating to get a BFN cycle after cycle, and I looked at this website for hope, endurance, and distraction. I was told by friends to just relax (I was stressed out due to other priorities in life) and that I'll get pregnant when it was time to. I had a calendar app where I religiously logged in to note any symptoms or abnormals. I think I was going over-board with it, but I felt it was giving me hope. Five months later, I just got fed up. I was tired of hoping and waiting and then seeing Aunt Flo. I was tired of stressing about it. So I deleted the app when Aunt Flo came. And I stopped thinking about it. I had other priorities to worry about, so I didn't get to think about the symptoms I had. Three weeks later (one week before my period was supposed to be due), my boobs began to be sore, and I didn't think anything of it, because usually around this time, they get sore and tender to touch.

Then, today, I woke up and started going about my day until I realized that my boobs, for two weeks now, have been sore. They were so sore that I had started wearing a bra to sleep because it was too painful without the support. They were feeling heavy and full, and I could have sworn I started seeing more veins around my breasts. I then looked at a random calendar on my phone and realized that I was TWO WEEKS LATE. I thought, "Oh my...maybe I should test? Or maybe I should wait, I am probably just late due to stress." But I had one more pregnancy test left (out of the MANY in BULK I bought months ago), and I decided to test--if I was two weeks late, I was either pregnant or I wasn't, right? So I tested and it wasn't even 10 seconds when I saw the second pink line on the First Response test! It was dark and very much in my face, like a "THERE'S NO WAY IT'S NEGATIVE".

I was so excited I showed it to my husband, who then smiled but tried to remain calm and joked around, saying, "We're going to buy another one. Pink dye is a bad omen" (because he wants a BOY, not a GIRL, so he believes the blue dye would let us know FOR SURE lol). And he was telling me this while it's freaking stormy outside with rain falling and lightning flashing...but OFF WE GO (I honestly did want another test to confirm). We got a ClearBlue test and later that day I tested and it wasn't even 30 seconds that I saw a PLUS sign that was very dark. I showed it to him and even said that he could hold it, but he kept trying to get away from me and didn't want my pee stick.

Based on my LMP, I should be 6 weeks along? I apologize if any of my grammar is incorrect or inappropriate. Like I said, I deleted the calendar app to remove all of that unnecessary stress. I didn't even when to really expect my period (I had a guess, but I didn't think about it). I don't know how many DPO I was, or even when I really ovulated. I didn't pay attention to how many times my husband and I had sex--we both enjoyed each other when we could (we did NOT have sex every day or even every other day. Sometimes it was once every two days. There was one week this month where we went on without sex for 4-5 I honestly didn't think I would get BFP).

Whew! Sorry again for the long post, but I really do hope it helps someone. :)
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Re: BFP after 6 months TTC

Postby Momma-of4 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:35 am

Congratulations! Love hearing success stories!
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