TTC 6th month

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TTC 6th month

Postby Pinkdust26 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:05 am

Hi all,

Im currently on Cd 17, yesterday tested for O but negative. My CM is wet. Should I try today or wait till getting O. I am really worried. I am trying to relax but sometimes it is hard especially as I want a baby so bad. Sometimes I cry alone so I wont worry my husband. Sometimes I do not get alot of EWCM, maybe because I am stressing alot about it. I mean not everytime I wipe I see CM on tissue. Is this normal? Please help. Thanks
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Re: TTC 6th month

Postby Momma-of4 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:23 am

ttc is tough and gets tougher the longer you try. I don't produce much cm and I'm pregnant with my fifth. I think it is easier to tell when you are getting ready to ovulate with ALOT of cm but along as you have opks and are getting positive hopefully that is sufficient. I generally get wet cm instead of the stretchy ewcm. if your Dh is up for ALOT of bd go for it if he isn't then wait for your positive.
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Re: TTC 6th month

Postby BeeCee33 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:08 pm

I consider myself to get a healthy amount of ewcm around O and it's not there every time I wipe. It's totally normal to only see evidence on the tissue after a bit or after not going to the bathroom for several hours. It's also not unusual to see a bunch of it for an hour or two, but not again for the rest of the day. Just check internally and if it feels slippery, you probably have more fertile cm than you think you do, it's just up near your cervix.

A couple of things that helped me see more ewcm were: increasing my water intake to 64 oz a day, and using a dose or two of Mucinex or robatussen to loosen mucous during my fertile window.

I know how hard it gets each month when things don't go as you hope. I hope that info helps people your mind at ease a little bit. Keep plugging away! <3
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Re: TTC 6th month

Postby Lisaclark123 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:48 am

First of all, I want to appreciate your courage to choose right path to conceive naturally. There are 20% women all over the world who fail to conceive effectively. You should not lose hope. It needs proper planning to conceive effectively. I also face same problem like you. The first and foremost thing I want to say you to handle this difficult situation with positive thinking. I can understand your problem my own life experience to handle same situation in life. I prefer to skip marriage party and other volume gathering to hide my infertility problem victory each and every method but all is failed. We consult with the popular gynecologist of Ukraine to get permanent solution of conceiving if effectively.
This is total medical base world. We tested both male and female infertility test that is negative news with good news. It is smart idea to make appropriate planning to defeat infertility with proper planning to conceive effectively you can start your planning from day first. You should understand the importance of regular product cycle your product cycle clearly signal your body. You should be informative to understand each and every signal of your body very carefully that is very beneficial for you. It is clearly indicate that your body hormone level is not in balance. There are various Medical Research reports that simply suggest hormone imbalance responsible factor for not conceiving easily. You should use right path with yoga and meditation to release stress and depression with balanced diet. You should live Healthy lifestyle it is very important to know importance of high quality with high hemoglobin level. I hope to hear good news on that fulfill your dreams into reality.
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Re: TTC 6th month

Postby kellyK1 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:02 pm

I can understand how it feels to have so many miscarriages. I myself had 7 and was so frustrated that my married life was getting affected as well. My husband discovered a very famous clinic in Ukraine. My gynecologist took all my medical reports and studies it very well. She told about the reasons why miscarriage can happen and what the chances I have to become pregnant are. She told me i can go for the IVF technique. I was surprised to see that my previous gynecologist just said a no for the IVF thing. Anyway, i was happy to see a ray of hope. After months of proper procedure and becoming pregnant again i am currently having a baby girl. I am happy and always thank my gynecologist for the suggestion she gave. I hope you to get all the solutions to your problem very soon.
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Re: TTC 6th month

Postby dazzyshahu » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:14 pm

Hello and welcome friend at this open online platform. I can understand your pain from bottom of my heart. I am feeling so sorry for this horrible problem in your life. I am here for you to provide sufficient information that helps you to overcome this horrible problem in your life like me. I want to express kind heart thanks to God to provide this golden opportunity in my life to help you to overcome this horrible problem in your life on behalf of my personal life experience to enjoy a healthy baby gift in my life that fulfill my whole life with happiness.
Today we are living in busy schedule life with less physical activity that creates major problem in trying to conceive. It is time to make appropriate planning to convert your imagination into reality. You should understand the importance of real bonding with your partner to understand each other physical needs and emotion very well to make proper balance in your marriage life to enjoy healthy baby gift that fulfill your darkness life into brightness. I want to accept that we use many powerful methods but not succeed.
You should make suitable planning to conceive effectively. You and your husband should start living healthy lifestyle and balance diet to create win-win situation. It is very important to start early morning walk and easy exercise to provide proper blood supply to all reproduction system for smart working and remove negativity from your body to overcome this horrible problem in natural way. You should consume rich iron food with folic acid to maintain proper hemoglobin level in your blood that help you to conceive effectively and maintain your period cycle regularly to conceive effectively like me.
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