My success about IVF

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Re: My success about IVF

Postby Lisaclark123 » Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:38 pm

Hi friend welcome at this open online platform. I appreciate your courage to share your success story to inspire many infertile women to defeat infertility problem in their life to enjoy healthy baby gift like us. I read your success story this inspire me lots to share my own life experience to resolve problem of infertile women to bring endless brightness in their life. I want to express God’s gratitude to understand my problem and provide healthy baby gift through IVF test tube baby technique. I want to forget those days of my life that ruins my life day by day with stress and depression. This is golden opportunity for me to share my personal life experience at this open online platform to overcome personal problems of infertile women to enjoy healthy baby gift. We try each and every effective method but not succeed. We have to bonding with my husband. It is very necessary to understand each other feeling and emotion very well.
I can understand your physical and mental stage due to infertility problem. I want to overcome this difficult situation at any cost. We visit many gynecologist of Ukraine to get successful treatment of infertility. IVF is the best in class test tube baby treatment that fulfill your dream into reality within limited time periods. It has high success rate. You can get real value of time and money to enjoy baby gift to complete your dream into reality. I have problem of multiple miscarriage problem. It is only IVF test tube Medical Research best treatment that completes my dream into reality. I hope my success story help millions of women through this open online platform to achieve target.
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Re: My success about IVF

Postby Kathy-1995 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:09 am

Hi, girls! I want to share my happiness!!! I`m a MOTHER!!! My two babies are 1,5 months) I`d been waiting for it 5 unlucky years. My husbend and I suffered because of this very much. We had had two lost attempts and were very disappointed. We mostly lost the hope. But we were told that 95% depends from the clinics (we had done our attemps in different) and it`s true. When we went to Vinnytsia we realised it. We were coverd with attantion of doctors and qualified medical service. Earlier doctors missed one very important detail in our analisis and only due to them we are so happy now!
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Re: My success about IVF

Postby Magdalena » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:30 pm

Hi, dears
I’m so happy to find a forum that gives hope and support to many women. I’ll share my infertility story to you. After 10 years of marriage. I tried to conceive. I started to follow a healthy diet to increase my fertility. Still trying for 2 years with no pregnancy. in the third year exactly in June, I discovered that I’m pregnant. So, don’t lose hope.
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Re: My success about IVF

Postby Savanah » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:31 pm

Hey, everybody
After 5 years of TTC, I found that I’ve infertility. I took more drugs to be pregnant but nothing happened. after that, we went to a famous clinic. The doctor recommends us to have IVF treatment. After few months, we did it and now we have pretty baby. I encourage every woman to have IVF as a treatment for infertility and not lose hope. All best wishes for you.
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Re: My success about IVF

Postby ninaS » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:01 pm

I believe that I am speaking in the name of all of us on this forum, thank you for sharing your story. I am glad that this story has a happy end. I know that you will help others to decide what to do in this situation. Have a happy life with your family.
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Re: My success about IVF

Postby beeny9890 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:01 am

Hello there!!! Definitely, I truly need to value these discussions. Where individuals can put their problems. What's more, discover their answers too. these gatherings are extremely an approach to individuals get inspired. Individuals who feel dither to share and examine their concern. Truly locate the ideal approach to take care of their issues. The credit goes to specialists, specialists and the facilities who are putting forth these administrations. In the present life, nothing is unimaginable more. Ivf and surrogacy extremely working usefully for fruitless couples. There are a major congrats to you on your example of overcoming adversity. Much appreciated to you all to share such sweet stories. Continue sharing these stories for individuals inspiration.
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Re: My success about IVF

Postby Alana90 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:11 pm

Hey! how are you doing?
Thank you for sharing your success story.
Congratulations on that. May each finds their success.
It really feels great on receiving such great success stories.
Though I had no luck on this I appreciate each and every single progress.
It really does not matter what they had their success what matters as they had their desires.
you are right the specialist and the team are the real LITE of the success you had.
they work their best to bless you the success.
I have a huge respect for all those persons who work for each infertile individuals.
This is the real emotion that everyone got to have in their life.These procedures are eventually doing a great job.
Though I am a surrogacy person I just love to share the emotions of each infertile person.
Love and prayers for each one.
Hope all find their hope soon.
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Re: My success about IVF

Postby Emilykingston » Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:39 am

I agree with everything you said. Congratulations to you btw. You were lucky enough to get your share of happiness. Infertility has indeed become an issue. Thank god there are solutions for it. IVF is an amazing solution. It lets you have your baby via your own womb. You can experience the joy of motherhood. You can enjoy the whole 9 months. I mean isn't it great? I had my twins vis IVF too. Initially, I was scared if it will work or not. Thankfully it did. It completed my family. I am forever thankful to God for it.
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