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Postby ericanicole1188 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:01 am

Hello beautiful ladies!! I am nee here and wanted to post my story and symptoms up to my bfp. Boyfriend and I have been trying for 3 mos had a chemical 4 mos ago. My O day was October 10th we were active on the 9th, 10th and 11th. Here is what I felt leading uo to bfp and how it was different than my usual pms.
3dpo- sharp twinges down in vaginal area. On and off in the morning. Never get those with pms.
4dpo- Nipples sore but only during sex. Sharp pains again same area.
5dpo- Sharp pains more freuent through the day. Frequent urination almost feels like very mild uti.
6dpo- No pms moodiness and and this is when it usually kicks in. Sharp pain on right side by belly button.
7dpo- Dull cramps in lower abdomen. Boobs sore in the sides feel bruised when I touch them. Creamy and chunky CM yuck! Frequent urination, slight wave of nausea that morning and evening.
8dpo- boobs still sore on the sides.Dull cramps on lower stomach. still no pms moodiness. HUNGRY and slight heart burn.
9dpo-One brown spot of dried blood on panty liner.Frequent urination, stonach feels tight and uncomfortable.
10dpo- Tight stomach, nausea on and off early in the day. Frequent urination. BFP!!
11dpo- Testes again twice this morning with Early response blue and pink dye both BFP!!
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