I am so much nervous

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Re: I am so much nervous

Postby Kattyparry » Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:11 am

Hey, its normal during this situation. When my sister was expecting a baby she had the same feeling. But in your case, I think you should go to a medical specialist. Not every person have the same health condition. Dont take any type of risk with your health. I know you are desperate to have a baby. Nowadays there are many good clinics are serving infertile. My sister is also treating herself from one of the well-known clinics of Europe. I think you should go for the good clinic. I hope you will find your happiness in the form of a baby. Good luck.
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Re: I am so much nervous

Postby Lily21 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:43 am

Infertility is such a horrendous journey to cross. All those medicines, the visits to doctors. It almost makes a person give up. But the fact that there are treatments, and procedures which can help infertility, is what makes a person strong. I agree, i think Surrogacy is the best option to go for. If infertility can not be fought with IVF or IUI, then surrogacy should be taken in. I would recommend that a couple should go for surrogacy straight, as IVF has very few chances of working out. But then again, everyone wants to give their best shot. My best wishes are with those who are going for surrogacy, or IVF. Stay strong and have faith.
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