First time TTC, 6 months until BFP!

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First time TTC, 6 months until BFP!

Postby Aimsly » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:51 am

Hi ladies!

I wanted to post an update sooner, but I swear pregnancy brain has hit already!

My fiancé and I decided to start TTC in the summer. I went off the pill on June 21st, and my cycles returned to normal straight away. I had been on Mirvala, and had zero periods while on BC for about two years, so this was a big concern for me.

Starting in August, every cycle I would symptom-spot like crazy, SO SURE I was pregnant a few times. Mild nausea, cramping, and back aches that inevitably turned out to be PMS.

I used OPKs (the Amazon cheapies) every month to gauge ovulation, along with checking my CM and cervix position. My cycles are 25 days, and I ovulate on CD10/11. I NEVER got EWCM, just slightly more watery on O day, with cervix super high and open.

It felt as though we were always either a wee bit too early doing the deed (2-3 days ahead of O), or too late (day of or day after, because OPKs are not an exact science).

After my LMP in December, I decided that the moment I felt any mild change to CM or cervix position, regardless of OPK, we’d do it and hope for the best. December 21, CD11 was go-time! Cervix was soft, high and open in the afternoon but hadn’t been in the morning, and got a positive OPK to be sure. Didn’t do anything special - went to the washroom like 3 minutes after to “tidy up”, went about our evening as normal lol.

Celebrated Xmas and New Years as if nothing was different. I didn’t feel ANY pregnancy symptoms, and was positive that my period was on it’s way in a few days after New Years (a bit of acne and some moodiness, normal PMS for me).

January 6th, noticed a little red when I went to the washroom before bed, so I inserted my DivaCup and went to sleep. Woke up, no period. No spotting, nothing. Decided to use a leftover CBdigi, and there it was: 1-2 weeks Pregnant!

So I’m officially 5w4d pregnant now, and still not a single symptom! No sore boobs, nausea, anything. Dating Ultrasound is Feb 1st, and tentative due date of Sept 16th!
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Re: First time TTC, 6 months until BFP!

Postby Dini » Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:33 pm

Congratulations, wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!
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