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IVF August/September ~ Part 16

Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:43 pm

wait: Waiting

M2T- FET January

Bethann- IVF December



Crunchy- FET Mid October




:puke: BCP

:mrgreen: Lupron



:mrgreen: Taking Estrogen

:jump: Stimming



:girlsperm: ER

:o: ET

:wait: TWW


stboom- 10/05

Heath- 10/09

Jules- 10/09



:belly: BFP

Tracylynn- Beta #1 160, Beta #2 711, Beta #3 10,889 u/s 09/03 TWINS!!

Candy- Beta#1 2081 Beta#2 4650, Beta # 3 11336 u/s 09/08 TWINS!!
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Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:45 pm

Crunchy- OMG how horrible of them. Now your on pins and needles seeing if this one embryo makes it. So you went all this way and now they want to drop you from something that you didnt even know you had to pay. Hold your embryo hostage. Thats kind of funny. I know it's not but the way you put it. What is the hystscopy for anyway? Why do they need to do this? They want it done before your transfer and wont do it unless you come up with the money. Will your insurance pay for that?

Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:02 pm

Jenny: OMG, I think my heart just dropped into my stomach when I read your post. I am so sorry, OMG, Jenny there is nothing I can say, but I know the whole group is thinking and praying for you!

stboom: still sad for you as well.

Crunchy: bastards! I hope your one embie is just the best ever. Did they tell you before the study that you had to have this? If not tell them to go, well never mind what I was going to say, but I am so mad, how dare them. Do you have your consent for the study paperwork? Does it state it in there?

Mere: Thank God for this group, I am so sad for everyone today, I swear I have gotten so close with you guys that I am just heartbroken for everyone, this has been a really bad day for our little group of fighters. We need a strong name for our buddy group, something to do with infertility fighters or something like that!! I don't know, I am talking crazy right now, because I am so depressed!!

Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:02 pm

OMG girls. I am in shock and dispair. I can't even come to grips with what turn of events have taken place today.

Stboom & Jenny, :hugs: I can't even think of the right words to say. I'm am crushed & numb for you both. Please know I have said a special prayer for you at this very moment. Asking God to give you strength. I am so so sorry.

Crunchy - This is horrible news!! OMG what is going on??? They can't do that?? I'm so upset right now. It's all unbelievable to me.

Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:08 pm

Mere: forgot to say, I make bracelets, with some pretty nice, higher quality beads with decorative silver clasps. I would love to make some and send them to you for free, to sell for whatever you can get for them. I was hesitant to post this, because you might not even be able to sell them. But I thought I could make some, take pictures of them and let you pick which one's you want. I will be totally embarassed if no one buys them, but it is worth a try. I can do seasonal ones, like Halloweeen and Christmas. I also make earrings, that I think are very nice. I will just start making some and if you are interested let me know.

Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:09 pm

Thats the thing, they didn't even tell me the embie had stopped growing. He calls me asking when I'm going to schedule the hysteroscopy to check for fibroids or any other uterine defects before transfer (insurance doesn't cover it). I told him that I can't afford it, I recently lost my job and that he told us in the beginning it was optional. He became extremely irrate claiming that he said no such thing and if I'm unwilling to cooperate with the requests of the study then I'll be dropped from the study and the genetic fragments (sperm and embie) will be discarded. I tried to reason with him stating that if the first transfer failed then I'd do the procedure before the second attempted transfer...thats when he dropped the bomb "but you only have one remaining embryo". We had a 6 minute conversation before he even decided to disclose that little gem. When I told him I'd check with my local gyno to complete the procedure all of a sudden he changed his tune and said the doctor would allow me to go forward with the transfer without the procedure since it was primarily MFI we're dealing with. I'm starting to think its a scam to recover some of the lost funds from the "free" trial.

Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:18 pm

Jenny- I am so sorry about what you are going through.... words can not help take that pain away but if there was anyway I could I would do that for you... its truly devastating

Crunchy- I am sorry to hear about your situation also, that really puts you in a bind because they have your embie and I am sure they know you will do just about anything to have it transferred.

Horrible news ---

Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:19 pm

I x- posted this fron our last thread....

I have to agree with Kwam. She is the voice of reason. Taking the time to step back, go thru emotions invidually and as a couple is a great idea. Its really easy to get caught up in all this IF stuff and IVF. I hope we didn't rush into this next FET to quickly. Not so much financially but physically.

Carrie - That is great news! So glad you are starting up another cycle already! Do you have unlimited insurance coverage?

mere - I love the idea of the mugs and the fund raiser! Sorry you had to deal with that insensitive, and rather ignorant woman!! I STILL hear ppl say stupid things to me from time to time. But I try to just blow it off and remind myself that ppl are just stupid. :roll: . Sorry you had to go thru all that and take the beta anyway, but atleast the nurse was nice and empathetic towards you. Glad you made the best of the day anyway shopping and having lunch with a friend.

Crunchy - So glad you are still checkin' in with us! How are you liking the new job? Sounds like they are really busy.

Heather - :praying: for your BFP!

Quinn - I am not sure how many cells the embies should have to do PGD. Good question though. I always assumed they had to be 8 cell by day 3, but I know now that's not always the case and even if they aren't 8 cell they could still be good embryos to make a baby. Maybe you can ask them that tomorrow. So far your embies sound good. Some will develop more slowly than others but that doesn't mean there out. Stay +!!! Not sure why the PIO hurt your leg, maybe you hit an artery? When I start PIO I lay on a heating pad, atleast for 10 minutes and that really helps with the pain of laying on that side at night.

yayam - I'm so happy your IUI went well. And I agree, infertility does take over. It consumes your mind and your body and its hard to shake from it. DH and I got completely consumed in our cycles. Everyday life was hard on a daily basis. I felt like our lives were stopped in time when we had to wait for a cycle to start, sometimes we waited months at a time! I think the longest was 6 months! And that ended horribly when our donor took the trigger shot on the wrong nite and the cycle was a complete bust! we were devastated. Then we had to wait another 3 months to recycle again. But at the same time we were thankful to atleast be able to cycle again with the same donor. The hardest part about IVF is the waiting. Well, I am praying for you that this IUI gives you your sticky BFP!! Hang in there. ((()))

Jules - For some reason my doctor is conservative with the prescriptions. He tells me he doesn't like to over medicate. but I got lucky today and they gave me a script for 2 Diflucan's!! :) I'll post more about what happened below.

Kim - It will be nice ~ enjoy the upcoming holidays with your LO's!! Next year will be here soon enough!!

Lorrie - that's crazy what happened at your house! I'm sure your embies are safe and snug inside you though! don't stress it. Oh, I'm not suprised by another infection, yeast or bacterial. Once I started getting them back in 03, they have become recurrent. Guess I'm one of the lucky girls that gets them often. :roll:

AFM: WOW! Crazy day here! I was feeling fine this morning, typical morning. Showered and dressed to leave by 11am to take my MIL to the airport. Went out for gas at 10ish and then stopped for ciggs for my friend and fed the boys when I got home and was planning on leaving to the airport afterwards but as I was feeding them I started to feel funny. Like kinda light headed, kinda fuzzy, like dizzy. I could see but it was like I couldn't focus. Almost like I took Benedryl or something and I kept on seeing this blurry spot go by on the right side. I could walk fine and see but I just didn't feel right and didn't trust that I could drive. When it started to last 10 minutes or so I started to get nervous and panicky so i called DH at work and he came right home. By the time he got here, it went away and I felt fine. weird right? And I'm not on any meds yet! :shock: Just BCPs. Then DH thought my MIL would miss her plane so he was going to have her stay until Saturday!! :shock: :shock: :shock: I yelled 'I'M OKAY! I'M OKAY! I CAN TAKE HER! I CAN TAKE HER!"...And I threw my contacts in and practically RAN out the door shouting "C'mon! We gotta go!". I felt bad we rushed her leaving but oh well. she was ok and believe me, she wanted to leave anyway. he he. Thankfully, she made the plane just fine, we just weren't able to stay with her and dropped her off at departures.

So, because of this wierd vision episode I made an appt with the eye doc. I was planning on going anyway to get my annual exam since I need more contacts. And thankfully everything looked fine. whew. She said it sounded like an occular migrane. Never heard of it. but she described exactly what I experienced and that they last anywhere from 10-15 minutes. She said they are caused by stress. No surprise there. huh? go figure.

after that, I went to (DH drove the entire time with me, he's so sweet :love:) my REs to get checked again and they told me the wierdest thing too. Okay, get this..... she tells me that I actually tested + for both bacterial and yeast! :roll: OMG. not again. But the nurse wanted to consult with my RE to see how to treat. I was shocked that he didn't want to give me any antibiotics for the bacterial infection. I don't know what his deal is but in the past he's told me he doesn't like to over medicate. Today the nurse said that they didn't want to kill all the good bacteria in there and to let that rebuild so that it can take care of the bad bacteria. huh? The question I'm left with is...what if that doesn't work and the bad bacteria remains? right? They did give me a script for 2 Diflucan's. One to take tonight and 1 to take the next day. But why take 2 when all they saw is "budding" yeast, she said we caught it early. Wouldn't 1 work just fine? So, I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do. I didn't fill the script yet b/c I was too tired afterwards but I'm going to get it tomorrow. I already know I will save 1 for later in case I get a YI after I take the Doxy for the FET cycle coming up. And b/c I've gotten bacterial infections so often I know what works and I know what doesn't work and I was sceptical on the dosage of antibiotics he prescribed me for this last infection, that's probably why its not all gone yet. :? I have a full treatment of Metro gel that I may take for a few days just to make sure that it gets rid of that last bit of bad bacteria and then take the Diflucan on the last day. Not 100% sure yet, still thinking about it. Oh and another funny thing, the nurse tells me that the doctor suggested getting Vagisil! :shock: What??! Is he kidding me? That stuff is a joke, that doesn't work! And that's certainly not for infections, just skin irritation. :roll: Funny thing, after everything that happened to today with my eyes and running around, it didn't bother me at all down there. :dunno: so I'm leaving things alone and going to see what happens. I have to take BCPs until next Tuesday and sometimes I get infections when AF shows up. Round and round it goes.

Heck, I am exhausted tonight. slept terrible. going to bed early.
Hugs to girls that got such sad news today and to those with recent BFNs.
Praying for the rest who await a BFP!


Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:21 pm

Crunchy - I can't believe this is happening to you!! I hope everything works out and you get that strong little embie transferred. Are they waiting til day 5?

Jules - you're bracelets sound really nice. My sister gave me a mommy bracelet after my boys were born. Do they look similar to that?

Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:32 pm

They froze the one embie at 5dp retrival and they were to have frozen the second at 6dp but it would seem that it stopped growing. I honestly think there is a conspiracy of some sort going on and perhaps they f-ed up. When he called, he made mention that my chart listed the second as a 7 day freeze. It just sounds fishy to me

Jade - I agree, vagisil IS a joke. I hope you're feeling better soon and everything clears up.

Mon Oct 05, 2009 9:55 pm

I can't sleep tonight. I probably won't go to work tomorrow. I just can't bellieve how horrible today was. I went into this thinking it was going to work. The doctor was like 70% chance. Why wouldn't it work? Now I feel like I should have tried to come up with the extra $12000 for the shared risk program and I didn't. I was an idiot and thought this was going to work. I am sorry I am taking this so hard. I just can't believe how horrible I feel.

Crunchy - I am sorry for what is going on. I would be upset too. I just don't understand. I hope you can make it work so you can get your embie transferred.

Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:18 am

The doctor just called and today we only have 2. I knew this was going to happen. For some reason we lose so many along the process. He asked me if I wanted to go forward with the PGD on those two since that is $5,000. We have already paid $15,000 so I just said yes. He said he did not want to freeze them at this point, that they would have been better frozen on Sunday or on Thursday. We have very little hope now. Our mutation shows up in half our embryos and we only have two to examine. He also gave me the option of just Tx those, wait until 13 wks pregnant and do a CVS and abort if they have the mutation. That is the whole reason we did IVF - so that we could test them before implanting. Otherwise I could conceive naturally and test in utero. I would never terminate. I am so sad. I need to find out if my MIL will give us another $20,000 so we can do this again.

Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:51 am

wow things are just gettng worse and wore on here. I hope good news comes soon

Cathy- I think mine is back too. The other day I had that burning feeling. It burns a bit when I pee. What else is it? I never had this before and it's the feeling I had right as it was leavign last time. It went away and feels like it could be coming back. I"m going to wait it out and see what happens. I hope they can clear things up for you. How scary about your dizziness and spots. i would have been worried to and wanted to call my DH. Glad it's nothing and everything checked out good.

Jules- thank you so much for that offer. I'm sure your jewelery is beautiful and people would want to buy it. once I get the details from my mom and everything about us renting a spot I'll let you know. Very sweet of you.

stboom- I wouldnt go to work either. It's to upsetting. Take some time off to deal with this and time to yourself. It's ok to think it would have worked. I thought my first one would have worked and my results were the same as yours. Chemical. I dont blame for not doing it. It's like I should have put in the extra $100. Your talking $12,000. A huge amount. Yoru not an idiot for thinking it was going to work. No one goes into IVF thinking it's not going to work. If you did then no one would do it. You needed a good positive attitude. I wish I did shared risk from the beginning or I would be in this mess. But no clinics around me off that. But I thougth my first was going to work too. Dont be hard on yourself.

quinn- Im sorry your down to 2. How dissapointing. I hope the mutation was in the other half that didnt make it. I know it seems not good right now. But you never know. Theee two good ones could be the non affected ones. I cant belive he wanted you to do the transfer just so you can abort. I think that is a bad practice right there. I could never. I would spend the money and take my chances. No way. So crazy this is so much money we have to ask people for 20k and stuff.

Crunchy- It does seem like they were trying to get some money. Ignorant. Plus it's rude they never told you about the other embryo.It's nice to get stuff for free but they really lack in service because of it. So when is your transfer suppose to be?

Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:58 am

Not to add insult to injury, but I caved in and tested, I am 7dpt, and it was a BFN, preparing myself for what is to come at the end of the week, very dissapointed, and very worried about how I will do another round. this has been a really bad week for our group!!

Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:15 am

jules - i am so sorry. i feel so sick to my stomach for all of us. you have been through so much waiting too with your freezing and then worrying about them thawing and you have been so patient. i am so, so sorry.

crunchy - how disappointing to be down to 1. i can relate. plus you have to worry about that one thawing and now you have to fight with the clinic. just what you need.

stboom - it is devastating. look at your siggie you have been through so much. so unfair.

cathy - sorry to hear about your continuing medical problems and now they don't want to give you antibiotics?? this is your RE? Can you see your regular OB?

mere - how are things with DH right now?

it's weird because i was thinking how successful this thread was almost like it was freaky because there were so many BFPs.. then right around the time that kim & cathy's turned into chemicals things started evening out and a flood of BFNs. i dont have the strength to do anything today i just want to sit around and chat on the board. no one understands how it feels to worry during this process how are you supposed to go about your daily life?

IDK, the two that have made it to this point are 8 cell.. i just pray they can at least live until thursday when we get the results? It seems like we lose so many each day but maybe since they are 8 cell they will develop into blasts?

My dr said there were 4 more that were 4 cell and 5 cell but he did not think they would make it - i said please biopsy them anyway? please send as much as you can to genesis.
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