Two Week Wait

TTC in our fabulous forties!
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Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:13 am

Hiya TTCNo2... :)

oooooo...sounds like you're getting all horny and up for a grand weekend, lucky lady... :wink: .

I've bloody missed mine haven't i... reckon i'm ovulating right now, or indeed extremely close to, judging by my cm, temps and cp today... Don't see OH til saturday, so no bloomin' chance this month.... :roll:

Will be following you and your 2ww intently now as i've nothing to watch out for!...LOL

Thanks madasa.... :) ,...all we can do is have faith....and stay on the bright side eh,... still sucks though! LOL..,..but fear not,.. i'm on a long weekend over the UK August bank holiday, so HOPEFULLY i'll ovulate early ish again,...or at least be able to get some BD'ing in before i come home (coz don't think there's alot of point bd'ing afterwards tbh in terms of how long the egg lasts...and the fact that the sperm needs around 10hours to be ready to fertilize it,...from what i've read anyhow)..


Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:49 am

This time 19 months (with an enforced 4 month break because of an operation and one miscarriage). It's boring. I'm fed up.

Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:50 am

((((Huge Hugs))) and lots of chocolate and wine and whatever else you care to indulge in, coming right your way B..


Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:29 pm

Hi, just popping in ladies to say hello!

Tiff - Many, many congratulations my lovely. That is fantastic. Now we are all going to take your lead.

As for me, on cd17 with no sign of ovulation. Have had faint 2nd lines, but no strong one, and a complete lack of anything remotely stretchy down there! (Wet but not stretchy). So I don't know what is happening. I got a positive this day last month. The only thing making me think o is possibly on its way is that my stomach is bloated, and that happened last time too. (known due to diary keeping!). Ciome on O, I don't know whether you are coming or just not bothering this month!!

Enjoying the chat ladies. B you are so funny 'dry as a witches den', yes, that could describe mine too. May just have to drop that in casual conversation, and see everyone spit their coffee out!!

Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:44 pm

Hi everyone,
Popping in to say hi...
Its been a long week. I have been traveling for work all week and fly back home tomorrow night. Which will be cd10 for me and time to start the BD. which I have missed for the last 2 weeks with AF and traveling. Kind of getting excited that this could be my month. (here's hoping ). I started temping this month and also started the COQ10. 400 mg 1 time a day. :jump: Will also start my Ov test starting Sat looking for the :D ! Sounds like everyone is "keep on keeping on".

I will pop back in soon.
Have a great weekend everyone. :bfp: Wishes to everyone.

Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:48 am

Thanks Janovich, I can always count on you for my morning laugh! DH and I started our BD marathon last night n all I can say is ahhhhh I needed that :D

I'm sorry you won't see your OH until the weekend and miss your O, try anyways .. worse thing that count happen is you have too much fun and snuggling with the hubby is always worth the BD.

I'll catch up with you on the weekend!

Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:13 am

SecondChance - have a good and safe trip home and enjoy what is to come!!!....(sorry for the pun there! LOL).

Missy... Yep... it seems the big O is on it's way to you... :wink:

TTC - :D :D ,...of course you can... sounds like you enjoyed yourselves last evening... have a super duper weekend Mrs.. :wink: I'm not on line over the weekends, will of course catch up with everyone and everything on Monday morning!


Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:21 am

Awww B cyber choccies from me to you.

Had a guest staying this weekend (who is a Health Visitor) and we were chatting about TTC'ing as an older woman and she said that there are soooooo many women who are in their forties who have had babies (one woman was fifty) so hang in there ladies. Your times will come.

Going to have a scan on Tues 7pm (for pelvic pain that I have been having even before I was TTC just happens to be really good timing) so will take some "snaps" - won't be much to see at this stage but will be reassuring to say the least.

Janovich - lol at the pun below!

Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:09 am

Morning LJ....Hope you're doing ok and yes,'re in the symptom watching weeks now..! :)

Well,. i got down to see my OH late morning on Saturday and seduced him!... so got a BD in :wink: . Whether is was in time or not i don't know. Just too damn tired to go again on the sunday morning, only 1 dance in this month..., so not gonna get too excited really....

My temp on saturday was 36.5 and temp on sunday was 36.6...and this morning it was 36.8!... so,..i may be lucky,..i may not,..i dunno. Had lots of ewcm sat morning, but none around yesterday or this morning, so i'm passed my fertile window so to speak i guess.

Do you think i'm now 1DPO??, judging by the rise in temp this morning? It's a slow rise this month...

Simone - HOpe all goes well with the pelvic scan my love..

TTC - Did you enjoy your marathon weekend... :wink: :D .


Mon Aug 06, 2012 5:26 am

OK... here goes...
Mon 30 July - cd10 - 36.5.. watery cm today
Tue 31 July - cd11 - 36.2.. noticed firs ewcm today & lmild abd. pains
Wed 01 Aug - cd12 - 36.3.. lots of ewcm today & odd twinge but mild.
Thur 02 Aug - cd13 - 36.3..lots of ewcm and pains on & off today, cp is soft, high and wet a tingly bum too!
Fri 03 Aug - cd14 - 36.4.. ewcm again and can't even reach my cervix it seems that high! pains quite strong afternoon and evening.
Sat 04 Aug - cd15 - 36.5..lots of ewcm today, twinges early evening in ovary area. BD'd late morning today!!
Sun 05 Aug - cd16 - 36.6. bit of twinging going on, but no ewcm today
Mon 06 Aug - cd17 - 36.8...boobs are quite sore this morning, no cm to speak of today and cp is medium and soft.

So there you have it... have given you as much info as i can!! LOL


P.S... what does 'BTDTand got pregnant' mean??!

Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:48 am

Temps at 36.7 today....just get little niggles of pain here and there...probably/hopefully/maybe eggie moving along the tube?? ...wishful thinking Ha... Don't know if i ovulated on fri/sat/ could be anything between 2-4 dpo..

LJ = 7dpo...that's quite early really, you'll be more excited by the weekend...will keep my eye on you mrs..! :wink: :D

TTC = did you enjoy your weekend of loving??... let's hope you've got it covered eh?! :)

SChance - i too hope you've been busy at it and are in the tww now..!

MMoo = did you get your green light to go??! Do you think you've ovulated yet??

Hope everyone else is doing ok..


Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:58 am


CD 6 for me. Totally fed up actually. I'll be 44 in a couple of weeks and I never dreamed that I'd still not be pregnant. 44 for me was a 'cut-off' point - not because I felt that was the point of doom, but because I've spent too much of my life focused on something that just hasn't happened. There's no help for me here in the UK - too old, too poor, Doctor most unhelpful. I did look up a private fertility clinic, but I have absolutely no idea if they are good. Sent the link to hubby about 2 weeks ago and do you know, he hasn't mentioned it AT ALL? So I told him that I was really hurt and he admitted he'd handled it badly by not talking to me about it, but needed a few days. He's promised we'll talk tonight, but I'm just so cross about it all, I can't imagine it being a helpful conversation.
He's taken years to come on board for having another baby and those lost years seem to be the difference between it happening or not.

So maybe I just need to move on with my life, accept that I've not been given a second child and just get over it. Easier said than done.

Rant over.


Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:12 am

Hi Janovich, it sounds like you O'd on Saturday or Sunday so I hope you have a sticky, your timing seems good.

We did BD'd lots and I am a happy camper BUT we didn't on Friday and got into a tiff over it ... I hate that but I told DH that we need to BD for 4 days for me to get pregnant. I told him that I prepare my body (lost 25 lbs., accupuncture, vitamins, not taking OTC medication, and eat well) and my mind (staying positive) all month just for the 4 days of BD needed to become pregnant. I also told him that I am only fertile 12 to 24 hours a month so timing is imparative. He apologized and had no idea I did all of this month after month ... we had no problem BDing after that.

I O'd CD 14 (Sunday) eventhough I don't have my 3 days of temp shift I did have O pain on Sunday so I know for sure. So now the dreaded 2WW... I hope the IUI is not necessary :D Hey Janovich we are cycle buddies again lol

Hang in there LJ 7 DPO may be still early!

Thanks for the inspiring update Simone ... as we all know when we reach 40 all literature and doctors talk doom and gloom .. I thrive on hearing the good stats (keeps me going)

SChance did you O yet?

MM, wet is good .. do you normally get EWCM? I don't usually .. just wet.

Has anyone tried Zestica? We used it this BD marathon instead of preseed ... I like it much better not as messy and the lube is in a handy applicator already so it's not a huge production to get ready. Although it is more expensive I am switching. BTW I still used the preseed I had in a softcup I put in after BD ... I read on this forum somewhere that the swimmers live longer if there is preseed in the softcup .... IDK I would walk on my hands while eating watermelon singing the national anthem at this point if I thought it would help me get pregnant :oops:

Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:04 pm

Hi Everyone,

Its been crazy busy trying to get caught up with work since I was traveling all last week, but I think I am finally getting out from under all the catch up.... Have also been busy doing the BD :jump: have BD 4 times since I got home Friday LOL............ and also busy temping, and using preseed, and soft cups and taking my 400mg of COQ10 and doing my O test every morning...... boy this is alot of work, still have not had my O, I think it will be here tomorrow by my guess and feel right now. So you all know what I will be doing tonight..... :D and tomorrow and the next day :D DH has been asking if I should do a handstand after each BD just to improve our chances, :wink: god bless this man for all his willingness and support in this.

Question and thoughts-- This is my 1st month on temping and my temps are all over the place (I do them at the same time each morning) but they range anywhere from 97.60 to 97.18 is that normal? What temp should I look for to know I have Oed? When it goes up and stays up does that mean I have ovulated for sure? or does that just mean I am in the post O stage? So confusing.

Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:44 pm

Can't believe we've got to page 5 again! It's great - means lots of chatting and support, a few laughs, some tears - but most of all, friendship. Thanks ladies. New thread - Magic Cycle!

See you there,

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