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At about 10 DPO I changed my diet (vegetarian).

Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:15 am

Hi everyone, at about 7 DPO I changed to healthier eating and at about 10 DPO I decided to cut almost all meat, dairy, and refined sugars out of my diet. I wasn't even charting my cycle or playing the 2WW game even though my DH and I played the BD almost every day during the time I was fertile and he deposited several times! We both knew there was a good chance of getting a BFP this month.

But a few things are different this month than usual. Around 2 DPO I usually start getting sore boobs. This time they never got sore (and this was before I changed my diet). Also, around 9 DPO I usually spot (one week before AF on the nose)... usually ALWAYS happens. Has been happening every month this year, but not this month. And considering I didn't really severely change my diet until 10 DPO, I can't blame it on detox. I got a yeast infection on 11 DPO! Grrrr...

So now I am 16 DPO. AF was due yesterday and always comes on 15 DPO. I POAS (Dollar Tree cheapie) and got a BFN. The last time I had a yeast infection I was pregnant (8 years ago). I remember feeling crampy like it was coming and nothing. Same thing this cycle. A few days ago I started cramping and had a few waves of nausea, but no nausea now. My boobs started getting tender at 15 DPO this time around and I am cramping but no AF.

Do you think it's because I am detoxing? I lost like 10 pounds of water weight (detox) in the last five days. I eased up the past couple days b/c I heard that if I am pregnant, it's not good to do a 100% detox as it could harm the baby.

Re: At about 10 DPO I changed my diet (vegetarian).

Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:41 pm

Get another pregnancy test!

Re: At about 10 DPO I changed my diet (vegetarian).

Tue Oct 02, 2012 4:56 pm

LAJilbert wrote:Get another pregnancy test!

LOL I took another one today and it was negative, but (long story) I mixed both DH & my urine together on accident. :rofl:
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