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Sat May 30, 2015 3:05 pm

Hi, I just wanted to jump into reply to your post. I'm on my second round of clomid (days 5-9)--I am now CD 10. Jshopeful, in response to your story I wanted to let you know you could potentially still ovulate later. When I took clomid last cycle (also days 5-9), I went for an ultrasound on CD 13 and the doctor saw a follicle that could potentially be dominant, but he was skeptical that I'd ovulate at all. I think it's tough for them to estimate with people with PCOS who generally have irregular periods (and I've never ovulated on CD 14 in my life). As it turned out, I did ovulate (blood tests confirmed the LH surge and then afterward to confirm ovulated), but not until CD 19. I didn't get pregnant, but it was useful knowing I did ovulate. Anyway, I hope that helps!


Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:06 am


That's good to hear that it is still possible. I went for an ultrasound this morning, CD13, and there are 2 follicles measuring 1.0mm, so sad :( The RE suggested that instead of waiting for AF to come, he put me back on 5 more days of clomid 100mg starting today - so now I'm totally confused as to what's going on lol but they are the experts!

I have to go back next week for another check up :)


Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:11 am

Hi ladies,

Been a busy weekend for us so I'm just getting back to the boards. To answer your questions, yes, this is our 1st round with Clomid. AF is due Friday and I'm having zero symptoms. My nipples were sore for over a week and they still are a bit, but I'm sure that's from the Clomid. I track O by OPKs only. I tried temping one month and my temps were 'by the book' and it kinda stressed me out so I didn't do it again. I am wondering if I should try again next cycle if we aren't successful.

My gyno said he'd try my on 50mg Clomid again next cycle if this doesn't work. I am in that limbo period where I can't decide how aggressive I want to be - next steps would be either increasing the dosage or going on to a Fertility Specialist. DH hasn't been tested yet either bc my doc said his swimmers were probably fine since we had that CP in March. But you never really know I guess....

Ahhh so many options...

How are you all doing .. jshopeful, as this is early in my clomid journey, I have not heard of that either but, seems like a good idea to just keep super sizing your eggs with Clomid! :-)


Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:19 am

jshopeful- i'm sorry you didn't create any mature follicles. Is your doctor going to up the mg of Clomid also? Or just give you another round to take of the 50mg? I hope the second round works for you!!

hero- I agree, temping can be stressful. Sometimes I just want to go to bed early cause I want it to be the next morning and I can temp.... its pathetic, but its also the only concrete evidence I have of ovulation and what stage my body is in. With pcos, its so hard to know for sure, so temping is so reassuring for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I know that no symptoms is sometimes a good symptom :)

I'm doing pretty good so far. I had no side effects from the Clomid. I'm CD14 today. My OPK's are still negative but i've started to see a bit of ewcm so I'm hoping i'll ovulate in the next 2-3 days!


Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:58 am

So, I had my ultrasound on day 12- last Friday and they saw about 4 "good follicles" that were maturing and almost ready. They had me do the Ovidrel trigger shot to ensure ovulation..anyone else done this? Does it work? I got a postive OPK on cd 14, trigger shot was on day 13, we BD cd 13 and 14 but not 15 because I was having tummy troubles and was not in the I'm worried we missed "it" since doc told us to BD Sat, Sunday AND Monday and even though hubs was home all day Monday, we were busy and then I wasn't feeling well.

How good of a chance do you guys think I have?? I was feeling really optimistic about all the "good eggs" and I had a lot of EWCM to show fertility as well as a strong positive OPK...but who knows...I'm trying to get myself mentally prepared to do another cycle since I was under a lot of stress this month too but we'll see. Just looking for some hope and encouragement while I sit and wait for the next two weeks. :P

Our 6 year anniversary is coming up June 13th...that's about the time when I can test...wouldn't that be a nice gift for the both of us?! Here's to hoping and praying and wishing.


Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:17 pm

Congrats jmendez! Great news about the mature follicles and trigger shot. I think that as long as you had good ewcm, the sperm should still be there ready to go even if you didn't BD on Monday. Did you temp to confirm ovulation? I know the feeling of thinking the timing is off, but you honestly never know. How awesome would that be to have a bfp for your anniversary! Mine and DH's anniversary is July 13th, hopefully i'll have my bfp before then too!

I still have yet to get a positive OPK. I'm CD16 today and have been having ewcm the last few days, although today has been quite a bit more. Hoping I ovulate soon!


Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:05 pm

Hey Ladies!

I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm sooo confused. LOL - so I'm Canadian so we have DAILY cycle monitoring which includes an internal ultrasound and a blood test. It's kind of annoying but we also have the advantage of knowing exactly what is happening and when. Anyways, I took clomid CD3-7 and went for a CD10 ultrasound. They said then that my response was either slow, or non existent this cycle and wanted me to come back. I went back CD13 and there was 1 follicle that measured according to the doctor 1.1
Now is this 1.1CM's meaning 11MM? I went back today CD15 and he said the follicle was 1.4, so again is that 1.4CM meaning 14MM??? He said it seems like my body is slloooowly starting to respond to the clomid. I am going away this weekend without my husband so unfortunately cannot be monitored until I get back next Wednesday. Can someone help me understand these numbers....also, if they are MM (which I'm guessing), how big are they before you usually ovulate?
Note: I did take clomid 3 years ago and got pregnant on my first cycle 50mg CD3-7, but don't remember follicle measurements or sizes. I just remember the doctor calling me and saying "according to your ultrasound you ovulated about 3 hours ago so go home and BD...".... and I was pregnant!
Anyways, if someone can help me understand this follicle size stuff I would be forever grateful

Thanks bunches!


Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:19 pm

Hi Jshopeful,
That's good progression on follicle growth! From what i've read, follicles grow to 18-24mm before rupture/ovulation. It looks like your right on track with 14mm and in the next few days could possibly ovulate! Take advantage of the weekend away with DH ;)


Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:37 pm

Kflores...I don't temp because I don't sleep well. I tried temping once and it was a hot mess. I don't sleep for more than 2 maybe 3 hrs at a time. It was stressing me out so I didn't keep it up. I do use a very effective system of natural family planning- Creighton Method, which uses natural biomarkers such as the type of CM, the duration, consistency, color, stretch etc, to help determine and confirm fertility and ovulation. It's also kind of intense, but easier to make sense of than temping for me.

I do believe I have a progesterone issue though since my LP is usually only 8-10 days long...definitely not long enough for implantation, so I'm hoping the Clomid will help with that...want to be sure to get progesterone levels tested if/when I get my BFP if not before.

Fingers crossed for us both!


Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:42 am

jmendez- Yeah, temping can be tough if your sleep isn't somewhat consistent. Now that my body is finally getting in the swing of things and i'm experiencing cramping, ewcm, and positive opks, I could probablyyyyy do without temping too, but i'm too obsessed at this point and want to see that temp spike to confirm ovulation. The first few months on Metformin I wasn't getting ewcm or positive opks so temping was all I had.

Have you had your CD3/CD21 blood draws to check progesterone level? I've been having spotting from around 6/7dpo till AF and thought I may have a progesterone issue as well, but I had my CD21 blood draw and progesterone came back in "normal range". I'm hoping that maybe the Clomid this cycle will help the spotting issue!

On the bright side, I got a blazing positive OPK today so i'm really excited to get this phase over with and get in the tww! How many dpo are you today?


Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:33 am

Hey fellow clomid patients-

Was hoping I could join on here since I'm in the same boat as a lot of you. My background- Due to incredibly irregular periods and never getting a positive result on an ovulation stick for seven months of TTC, my doctor diagnosed me with PCOS. The blood tests have all looked normal, which is a little confusing. I have one large cyst on one of my ovaries and a few little ones on both.

This past month, I took Provera for 10 days in Mid-may. Start my first dose of Clomid 50mg days 3-7. I returned on day 10 and things looked like they were coming along, but the dr wanted me to come back to get monitored on Day 13 to make sure that they continued. Even though my lining is in good shape, the follicles did not develop further. I am not positive, but I think they stalled around 12. They then put me on 100 mg of Clomid days 13-17 and today I'm at day 19. Going in to get monitored on Day 20 (tomorrow).

What have others been experiencing with the bump up mid-cycle? My side effects are terrible- awful headaches, hot flashes (I'm normally freezing, so I'm probably normal now haha, but last night my temperature spiked to over 100 and then back down to my normal 96 in 5 minutes) irritability/mood swings, on and off nausea and loss of appetite and then starving and bloated, nightmares, difficulty falling asleep, really bad neckaches. Last night when we BD-ed, it was very uncomfortable, even though I have been taking mucinex and haven't had issues with cm at all.

Just looking for others to support who get it- I have so, so many friends who got pregnant quickly and easily and just don't understand...

Thanks :)


Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:34 am

Hi ladies,
I'm 4dpo today. How's everyone else doing????


Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:00 pm

So, I believe I'm about 8 DPO...AF should be here Tuesdayish...normally start spotting by about now..but nothing.. fx...anyone tested yet? How many DPO are you guys?? I've had some mild cramping, sore boobs and light headedness but that was probably caused by hunger. I really want to test tomorrow or Sat but worry it'll be too soon and if I get a BFN it will just ruin my's my anniversary and I'd love to surpirse my DH with a BFP but I don't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed...well hopefully someone on here will get their BFP this month!!!


Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:20 pm

Hi jmendez- I'm 7dpo today! Normally i'm spotting by now too, but so far nothing! yay for us!! I've had dull cramping since O pretty much, but last night I felt some intense cramping that woke me up. Implantation, maybe?! I haven't had any breast tenderness though. Its definitely too soon to test. I'm going to wait till Sunday or Monday! GL to us!


Mon Jul 06, 2015 1:15 pm

Hey Ladies!

Just checking in with an update since I've been non-existant over the last couple weeks. Anyways, last month I did respond to the Clomid but was slow to respond and didn't ovulate until CD 18 or 19. RE said that the follicle was only 17-18mm and he would ideally like it bigger for the best chance. We didn't have a lot of chance to BD since I was out of town so BFN for June and AF arrived with a bang on June 22nd....maybe TMI: but it was a veeeeeery heavy period.

So, here I am again - Clomid round #2...I took 50mg CD3-7. I went for an ultrasound today CD13 and had one dominant follicle measuring 15MM. RE said I have to go back tomorrow to check growth again. Please please please let this be my month :)

How are you ladies doing? I see some BFP's came!!!! Congrats to everyone who achieved this and baby dust to the rest of us still trying. Please update me with your situations xoxo
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