TTC baby#2 for 9 LONG months! Feeling hopeful this month

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TTC baby#2 for 9 LONG months! Feeling hopeful this month

Postby sumfreebirdsmama » Thu Jun 04, 2015 2:22 pm

Hello everyone! I am new to this site and I would love to join in on the conversation! I have been testing all week but haven't gotten my bfp yet. My af is due on Saturday 06/06 so I am praying that it is just too soon. My husband and I have been ttc baby #2 for the past nine months. It has been stressful and emotional as I am sure you all know! We have a four year old daughter who we conceived the very first time (and only time that cycle) that my husband did not pull out. (We have been using the pull out method for 14 years and never had an accidental pregnancy) When we got pregnant so easily with my daughter we were naive to think that everything was fine and we had just been really lucky tracking cycles and pulling out all those years. Now we realized there may actually be something wrong. I have a history of severe + sharp pelvic and ovarian pain during sex and sometimes during/ after urination that my doctor has not been able to diagnose after many different tests. When I saw her a few months ago she was willing to do laparoscopic surgery to look for possible endometriosis but, I opted to wait the full year of ttc to see the fertility specialist before going that route. I am 29 years old and otherwise very healthy. This has all been so frustrating and heartbreaking that the past few months I haven't really had it in me to give it the proper tries. But, this past month I had a renewed sense of energy and faith which translated into us really giving it a proper go again. This past week I have felt very different than I usually do before my AF comes. I can't believe it but I actually kind of have my hopes up high again like I did in the beginning. I had some ewcm today which was totally unusual for this point in my cycle and a lot of cramping the past few days like it feels as if my AF is going to start right then and there but it hasn't. My breasts are now sore and my nipples are tingly but again, not as intense as it usually is for me. So fingers crossed!! I will be testing every day from here on until I get my bfp or my AF. Baby dust to all!!!
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