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Postby kmm107 » Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:00 pm

Hello all. I am currently undergoing an evaluation for PCOS and my endocrinologist doesn't really know what to think.
I am 36 y/o, never been pregnant, ttc for about 4 months, although I think my partner and I have only really got the timing right a couple of times(both of us have crazy schedules). I saw a dermatologist for laser hair removal on chin, which started around time I stopped my OCPs a few months ago. He suggested getting a testosterone and DHEA-S to see if any hormonal imbalance could be contributing to my excess facial hair. My hair is super dark and my skin is very pale so I always just thought it was more a complexion issue than anything. I do have a few fine but dark hairs on lower belly, areola, chin and upper lip.
Anyhow-my testosterone was mildly elevated at 49(upper limit of normal is 48) but DHEA-S was high in 480s(upper limit of normal in 270s). My periods have been like clockwork every 25-26 days since I was a teenager. I am thin and have never had much of a problem with acne. OPKs show LH surge day 11 or 12 of cycle consistently.
So I got really nervous, thinking I could have PCOS-saw a general endocrinologist-she ordered a 17 OH progesterone to rule out adrenal cause of abnormal bloodwork, this was normal. She also repeated testosterone and DHEA-S. Testosterone was now normal and DHEA-S was better but still high(in 380s). Had pelvic US done last week, showed 28 mm follicle consistent with ovulation and no evidence polycystic ovaries.
My endocrinologist seems to not be clear what could have caused my abnormal bloodwork. She told me to see repro endo.
I think its too early to say that I'm having problems conceiving but I am 36 and want to identify any problem as soon as possible.
Has anyone here had any experience with labwork showing evidence hyperadrogenism but no other symptoms/criteria for PCOS. I'm confused!
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