TTC 3 cycles after Mirena

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TTC 3 cycles after Mirena

Postby Transferpatient » Wed Oct 12, 2016 11:35 am

Mirena removed 7/11. First period 7/26. BFP 10/11.

O day (10/1)
- Intense lower left pelvic pain lasting about 20 minutes
-Headache, bloating, tender breasts

1 DPO (10/2)
-Headache, tender breasts
-OPK negative

2 DPO (10/3)
-Watery cm
-Headache, tender breasts, achy joints

3 DPO (10/4)
-school glue cm
-Cold/flu, horrible ear ache, headache, tender breasts

4 DPO (10/5)
-back to watery cm
-Continued cold symptoms, tender breasts, mouth ulcer, itchy nipple (weirdest symptom ever)

5 DPO (10/6)
-school glue cm (lots of it)
-cold symptoms gone
-Nausea, tender breasts, fatigue
(At this point, tender boobs started to clue me in)

6 DPO (10/7)
-school glue cm (still lots)
-nausea, headache, brief dizziness, tender breasts still there
-Late night pelvic pain (like a shock/pinch sensation) right behind c section scar

7 DPO (10/8)
-school glue cm
-headache, tender breasts, cramps, alcohol tolerance low (tried a glass of wine at dinner and couldn't finish)

8 DPO (10/9)
-school glue cm
-unusual face breakout, frequent urination, full & hot breasts, cramping, backache, fatigue
-Neg frer

9 DPO (10/10)
-school glue cm
-continued symptoms from 8 dpo
-very emotional
-negative frer

10 DPO (10/11)
-school glue cm
-all symptoms gone except slightly tender breasts
-starting to feel like we missed it
-vvvf positive on frer

11 DPO (today 10/12)
-school glue cm
-tender breasts
-faint positive frer
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