Looking for advice or similar expierences.

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Looking for advice or similar expierences.

Postby Anon741852963 » Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:52 pm

Hello, Im new around here, though I do spend some time on other TTC forums, Im looking to find someone who can shed light on my situation, therefore Im posting on several forums throughout the TTC internet. Im still fairly new to TTC, so forgive me If I make some mistakes. I hope Im welcomed here and can Find some awnsers.

A little history. My fiance has no known fertility problems. I have probable but not confirmed PCOS. (High testostorone levels and irrgeular menses for over 3 months over 2 years ago)

For the past 4-6 moths my periods have been regular, with AF hitting me on CD 28-30.

In feb, I had a chemical pregnancy while on the nexplanon implant. March 2nd I had the implant removed. After that I did not have a period for about 2 weeks before I sought help. I was put on Provera for 14 days and finally had a period.

I took two months of Birth control Pills to regulate me, and then dropped off. So from july forwards I have been on NO hormonal drugs at all, and have been regular as mentioned before.

This cycle my fiance and I finally decided to start trying again. According to my chart, we hit my Ovulation date on the head, give or take. Could not pin point the EXACT O date, but we did narrow it down to within 3 days.

Now fast forwards. I began testing roughly dpo7-9. 3 Days before my expected AF (Oct 9th) I had 3 positive blue dye walgreens brand early response tests (all from the same packaging). I was over the moon. I went to a clinic the day before my missed period for a urine and blood draw. Both of which came back negative.

I proceeded to call my OBGYN to set up appointments.

Today (October 17th) I am 8 days late for my period. I went to my OBGYN for a urine and blood draw. My urine, was negative, (As well as most home tests I have taken in the meantime - which btw are all pink dye tests) *Note, I have had a total of 3 fient line possible BFPS out of about 20 tests (yes, I have a pee on a stick addiction. No judgement please.)

My OB has me scheduled for an Ultrasound on Nov. 7th for safety measures, and has prescribed me pre natal vitamins as well.

I have not got the results of the bloodwork back yet and my head is spinning.

Symptoms are as follows:
Vomited twice, both times around 10am - noon, About 3 days apart.

I feel a constant "Wetness" down there. Almost like a period. I have expect to see blood anytime I go to the toilet, however, there is none. When I wipe (tmi sorry here) there is nothing. No colored discharge, no blood, nothing. Just, well, you get the idea.

Slight cramping on both sides of my abdoman, but not the center. Its almost like my bakini line on either side. Kinda where your underwear/panties sit.

I cannot lay on my stomach/breasts without intense discomfort (but not really pain).

Craving twizzlers, kitkats, beef jerky, and sausage buiscuits. (Sometimes all at once).

I have history of anxiety/panic disorder. For about 3-5 days my anxiety levels have been unsually high and triggered by random things.

Please, if someone has expierenced this, shed some light on my situation.

I MAY have left out information. Feel free to ask questions.
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Re: Looking for advice or similar expierences.

Postby Danaa » Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:08 am

Hello and welcome.
Sadly i can't say for sure what is going on with your body but could be that ur pregnant and you won't show on a urine test or your not pregnant and the blue dye tests gave you evaps wich they are known for.The blood test will tell you for sure if ur pregnant or not,those don't lie.
Good luck!!
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Re: Looking for advice or similar expierences.

Postby Anon741852963 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:01 am

Thanks. as for evaps I would agree they sall 3 showed up in under 30 seconds. I think maybe bad batch of tests....idk tho. Still no blood result back. the wait is killing me
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