Feeling SUPER moody and pissed off!!

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Feeling SUPER moody and pissed off!!

Postby FrostDragon » Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:48 am

Hi everyone
Sorry to post a bitch-fest as my first introduction but I had to vent and this seemed like the place! (Or at least a better place than my local grocery store or gym!;))

We decided at the end of January to start trying for a baby, and I promptly went off the pill. Well the stuff is out of my system but STILL no period. Regular moody lady PMS symptoms and ravenous appetite, but no blood. Makes it really hard to know my cycle and what the hell is going on inside of me.

I read that it can take awhile for the body to go back to normal after going off the pill, but well, to be frank I'm not 22 and don't have lots of time. (I'm not quite at the "cleaning the dust off my ovaries stage yet, but it is ever inching closer!)

Anyways, I'm just tired, emotional and ready to fly off the handle over anything!

Can anyone else relate?
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Re: Feeling SUPER moody and pissed off!!

Postby Mari Mo04 » Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:08 pm

I can relate to being moody. Currently in my 28th two week wait and have been so crabby and weepy. Feel like things will never happen and not sure what's been going on with my last four cycles! I'm going crazy and driving my DH that way too. I turn 35 this month and am definitely feeling the time crunch.

Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ladies that conceives without ever having an AF! Hope you can get things figured out soon and glad you were able to vent a bit.
Mari Mo04
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Re: Feeling SUPER moody and pissed off!!

Postby jeje » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:03 am

hey dear, you are very right that the age does matter and nobody is getting younger day by day.Many people have struggled like you have like my own friend who couldn't conceive and now I am almost 40 and am trying to do so. For me, surrogacy is the option out there but I am also looking for information and stuff.My friend tells me that it is healthy and the best way out.Clinics in Ukraine that she tried is the best one among all.There the health care the hospitality and the staff everything is up to the mark.They are quite cheap too and have plenty of packages to choose from.Traveling abroad is not an issue as this seems to be the only option possible and we must be willing to go all barriers for a child in our laps.Also the facilities of accommodation, legal issues etc are no issue there so we are good to go.Hopefully, you have answers to your concerns from me.Much love from my side and prayers too.Goodluck!
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