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Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:20 pm

Whoz, I don't think you o'd. To get a positive wondfo just means you had an LH surge and that can happen without ovulation - that's what was happening with me. Until you get an oestrogen spike before your LH surge, it's not a true positive. Sorry love!!
Eoe, i will return soon with more personals but I'm not well so I'm just resting.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Sun Jul 23, 2017 6:28 pm

Hello lovely ladies. Faith we're in Rome Ga. Used to live near, but moved in with my mil who lives in Rome. When we get together, we will have so much fun. Courtney glad Bel likes her big girl bed. Glad that Luke is getting better. Congrats on 27 weeks. Danaa hugs your next ivf will come soon and you will have your rainbow baby. Whoz hopeful you o'd or will soon. Loz a little over 12 weeks yay! Fly hello glad to hear from you again. Nickysy keeping busy will make the wait pass faster. Eoe hello beautiful ladies, we miss you. Afm been enjoying our alone fertile time. Will be cleaning for Mrs Janice tomorrow, but that is so chill that it is hardly like work. That is all except, hugs, baby dust, and sticky vibes to us all.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:23 pm

Hello ladies i won't be doing personals bcs my mind is racing right now plus I only slept two hours,is 8:15 am here and I'm waiting for my husband to wake up and take Jack to the vet bcs sadly last night our neighbors dog bit him in two places and he is in pain,I cleaned him up but we need to make sure he is ok.
I thought I was going to have a heart atack while running down the stairs to get to them.
My husband feels guilty bcs he didn't alowed Jack to fight back,big bad Doberman getting bit by a smaller dog:)) isn't that something.
This will affect Jack confidence and behavior with other dogs....Im so upset but thankfull that it wasn't worse and my husband is safe.
I can't imagine what would have happened if it was me with jack in that moment....he always acts super protective when I'm with him ...

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:06 am

MK: FX for your fertile period!!

Danaa: I'm sorry about Jake. That sounds so scary. The bfn sucks major too but I read there are chinese teas that help with scar tissue if that is the issues with your tubes. Let me know and I can give you the run down on it.

Momma: Grats on only 12 wks to go. Keeping your and your hubby in my prayers.

Loz: I hope you feel better.

Whoz: Sounds like you are just getting ready to ovulate today or tomorrow.


Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:23 am

Faith tbh I don't have much faith in herbal stuff,it could work but the chances are pretty slim,if surgery didn't do anything for me....falopian tubes are very fragile and once damaged there is no way to fix them,I think i had chlamydia for a long time before I found out and that might have caused severe damage to my tubes.
As for my heart broken to see him in pain,he is at the vet and Im dieing of worry bcs is been over an hour and the vet is like 10mins from us.
Im ok with bfn,I don't think I ovulated yet tbh or if i did it was like 2days ago.
At this point I'm asking God to keep us safe.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:25 am

Danaa I'm so sorry to hear about jack. I know you are scared but in sure he's fine. im so glad your husband was with him instead of you. my dog is very protective of me abd I know if someone was hurting me she'd rip their head off! I hope this doesn't make him more aggressive towards other dogs now. prayers for you all!

Loz I must've missed your post about not feeling good. I hope you get to feeling better soon. has your Dh begged to know the gender yet? there no way I could keep a secret! I'm like a kid!

Whoz I hope you've od and got that spike to confirm! I know this is so stressful for you. have you considered finding a new Dr?

Angela how you catch that egg! enjoy your alone time! I like the idea of a job that isn't really a job!

faith how are you?

star, fly, andi and Nicky i hope you guys are doing well!

not much to report here. Dr appt Thursday!

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:39 am

Ladies please pray for my boy Jack!!!He is not well,teh bites were pretty deep and he barely walks and refuses to lay down .
We need all the prayers.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:30 am

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, but I have been reading the forums for a few weeks. I am 12 dpo and this is our first month TTC. I tested yesterday and got two faint lines on a first response test and on a dollar tree test. I took a clear blue digital and it came out negative. Since this is out first month I can't really compare it to anything else but since ovulation I have been having lots of symptoms: sore boobs, super bloated, very tired, my temperature has been high. I would love to hear what you think. I will not test until Wednesday (14 dpo). may be I just tested too soon?
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Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:32 am

Welcome, Jul! I've heard that the digis can take longer to get a positive. But the other two are def positive so it looks like you hit the jackpot the first month. Congrats!

Oh Dana, oh no! I am so sorry that Jack is doing so poorly. Do you think he'll make it? This is just awful. I will be praying for you all.

Lolz, we haven't heard from you much recently. Do you watch Offspring?

Nicky, how are you feeling in your looooong wait?

Courtney, I find it funny hearing you say that you're nervous about having the baby and Bel. You already have three other kids, too! I feel like you wouldn't be worried about a thing at this point.

MK, so nice to hear from you. It's also nice to hear that you get along with your MIL so well. You don't hear that too often!

Andi, where are you? How's the munchkin doing?

Hello Fly, Faith and EOE.

So, I am down in the dumps today. I thought we timed things perfectly this month with 3 days before and day of ovulation after I got a positive OPK. My temp dipped on the day I thought I O'd and then rose the next day, but today it dropped a bit. :-( If I put in future temps that rise, it says I did O on CD15 like I thought. But maybe Lolz is right and I haven't O'd yet? We will BD tonight in case. I am skeptical about the CBFM. It never gave me a low temperature and only high ones and not a peak. I've heard that sometimes the CBFM doesn't catch the surge if you get a surge in the afternoon/evening as you use FMU. I've heard that the high temps are taken from the Estrogen and the Peak temps come from the LH surge. I also never got EWCM, only watery. That could have been because of clomid. We used a lot of preseed. I am so discouraged as I thought we hit things just right. But maybe I did O on CD15 and it will just take a few extra days to get my CH. What do you guys think?

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:59 am

This is what the website for the clearblue fertility monitor says:

Estrogen is produced in your body on the days leading up to ovulation. When an increase in estrogen is detected by the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, it indicates that you’ve reached High Fertility, which is typically displayed for 1-5 days prior to Peak Fertility. Since sperm can survive in your body for several days, by having sex on these days, you increase your chances of getting pregnant when you ovulate a couple of days later.

LH is the hormone that triggers the release of an egg from your ovary. This release – ovulation – usually occurs approximately 24 to 36 hours after the LH surge. When the Clearblue Fertility Monitor detects your LH surge, it displays Peak Fertility status. Having sex on these 2 days maximizes your chances of becoming pregnant.


So, just as I thought. The LH detection isn't any different from any other OPK, but the Estrogen just helps me to know when my high fertile days are. I think the CBFM just didn't get my surge which tends to be in the afternoon/evening like it was this month and every other month prior. I think I will get sustained temps in the coming days and confirm O on CD15. Fingers crossed.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:47 am

Danaa praying for you guys! it may take him a few days to get back to normal.

Whoz I hated the CBFM! it just made things way more confusing to me. I started testing again after getting my peak just to see and I started getting flashing smiles again toward rhe end of my cycle. I started worrying I had missed my surge too. I never used them again! I'm sorry you feel discouraged. I need to get on my iPad to check your chart is dead though. I will def check it out soon though! bd again today just to be safe.

hello Ju and welcome! you got it right digital just isn't sensitive enough to pick up your early pregnancy. the other two are positive though! I used a digital several days after I found out I was pregnant and didn't get a positive on it! I never bought another I just stuck with the line tests. take some more line tests and I know they will be positive and is safe to say you are pregnant. congratulations on your first month working!

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:07 am

oh Whoz! just because I'm going to have 5 kids didn't mean I don't worry! my first 3 kids were a breeze compared to Bel! ha ha! if i had her first and they were all like her I dont know if I would end up with 5! she's like four kids in one! I am not meaning she's bad or i love her less that's not it at all! I couldn't imagine or life without her! she's such a joy and hilarious and always happy she's just a lot more work! I dont regret for one second having her. I'm not super mom either! Lol I have many struggles of my own. I'm not the" leave it to beaver mom" you might picture!! are you old enough to know who that is? I'm real like most people! when I had my first 3 I was pretty young 22 when I started. I was younger then abd it was easier to keep up with three little ones than it is now at almost 37! infact I'm very worried that I won't be as good of mom to this one as my others. I'm tired and just blah most days and it scares the crap out of me about that. I couldn't do it without my older kids helping me now. I don't give them too much responsibility but enough for them to learn life skills and help me out at the same time. I have no doubt each of my kids will be great parents due to what they've experienced as kids. Bel might've been good birth control to keep them virgins till marriage though! ha ha I just don't want you guys getting the wrong idea about me. I make lots of mistakes and I don't know it all by far! I don't sit abd read book after book to them and they are not always clean and hair brushed and dressed (Bel won't keep panties on) etc. we/they fight like cats and for sometimes! I do raise my voice on occasion, however I'm trying to work on that. Lol I say we would be good for reality TV show!

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:10 am

Geeze I need to start proofreading my posts! sorry! I hate posting on my phone but that's life for right now till we get computer back.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:41 am

Thanks for your responses Momma-of4 and whoz! I got goose bumps reading your comments. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. I will let you know in a couple of days when I test again.

Re: Mommies to be and Mommies wanna be 2

Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:49 am

whoz - sorry to hear you are having trouble with your timing this month. I think you could still have O'd on ok date --- but never hurts to keep BDing. I ended up O'ing VERY VERY late this month

Ju1111 - it looks like you got a BFP!

EOE - Hi!
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