is it really my weight?

Is weight affecting your fertility? Talk to others in your shoes here!

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is it really my weight?

Postby jen2bema » Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:47 pm

My husband and I have been TTC for two years. In the beginning I was overweight. Now I am very obese (250). I just had weight loss surgery so my weight should be coming down. However, I have never missed a period and I ovulate right on time and always have +ovulation tests. I know I need to see a fertility specialist but I know they will just say its my weight. I am wondering if its really a weight issue if my period is on time and ovulate as well.
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Re: is it really my weight?

Postby andrlion » Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:54 pm

jen2bema wrote:My husband and I have been TTC for two years. In the beginning I was overweight. Now I am very obese (250). I just had weight loss surgery so my weight should be coming down. However, I have never missed a period and I ovulate right on time and always have +ovulation tests. I know I need to see a fertility specialist but I know they will just say its my weight. I am wondering if its really a weight issue if my period is on time and ovulate as well.

once i was fat,but all you need to do is do a few pushups every morning and night. curls are for your stomach and push ups are mostly for your arms.curl ups help a lot.And you can play a sport.Scoccer you takes a lot of fat away...........
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Re: is it really my weight?

Postby vswright34 » Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:49 am

Hello! I ran across your post and the personal trainer in me couldn't pass it :).

I don't really know what the previous poster was saying.. Not to be rude but if someone is asking a questions about fertility I don't think you should be just throwing out exercises.

Ok back to your question. It is a tricky one because you say you do ovulate on your own. Have you confirmed with bbt(temping) or just opk's? Just because it is common for our bodirs to gear up for ovulation and then not do it at all..Our body is a very strange thing. If you do fall in a category of obese/morbidly obese weight CAN affect your fertility but there are exceptions to every rule. It is possible to get pregnant while being overweight. But in general weight loss or even starting an exercise regime and healthy eating can positive affect not only your fertility but also your health during pregnancy and your baby's healthy.

what kinda of weight loss surgery did you have done? If it was fairly recently your body may just be reacting to surgery so you do need to wait until you heal before any work out regimes and that you have been cleared by a dr. Your internal organs kind of panic when they are touched during surgery and don't necessarily work the way you want them to right afterwards which is why constipation is common side affect after any surgery. also wait until your dr clears you do try and get pregnant. I know you want to do it right away but having the stress of such a drastic surgery plus your diet is about to change along with your vitamin intake you need your body to be at its bed before you get pregnant. People do get pregnant right away after a surgery but it is recommended you don't because that is alot of stress for your body to be put under and your baby may not get the nutrients it needs right away. But remember there is an exception to every rule.

I hope I answered your questions. Yes weight can affect fertility but having your surgery puts you one step closer to a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. I would also say once you are cleared by a dr please start working out. At least 30 min a day, if you join a gym most times you can get a free personal training session. Just to get you started or even show you correct work outs or even an intro into a gym if you have never used any equipment. Just because you had the surgery doesn't mean you will stay skinny forever. I have seen lots of people gain their weight back which is unfortunate. Look at this weight loss surgery as a jump start to your fitness life and continue to follow your dr's orders on food, vit, and exercise.

Good luck!
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Re: is it really my weight?

Postby BlackAngelPlayah » Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:22 pm

Have you tested your mate's fertility? Be a use it may not be you.

My sister is all kinds of overweight (More than 250) and she has 3 perfectly healthy little boys. I've been very small, no kiddies. So.. Yeah, maybe have him tested too. We assume it's our issues, but there are male fertility issues too.

Good luck!!!

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Re: is it really my weight?

Postby jodalicious » Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:12 pm


I am more overweight than you, and I told myself the same thing. But, I pushed myself to go to a fertility specialist anyway, with all my sharpened arguments with me. I was shocked when not only did the doctor NOT bring up my weight, but we made a plan of attack THAT DAY. I had a round of tests, along with DH, and we learned a lot. I had fibroids, endo, and a cyst. (I am recovering from surgery as I type, post op 10 days) That sounds really scary, but the good part is, my hormones, levels, and Dh's sperm is all wonderful. Now, the doctor says that my reproductive system is anatomically perfect. Anatomically perfect.:) It could be your weight. ...but maybe not. You'll never know if you don't go.
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Re: is it really my weight?

Postby Tabby0418 » Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:16 pm

I know this is a much older post. But for anyone that might still be questioning this...

Weight does affect pregnancy..and sometimes can affect fertility. But going to a fertility specialist should not be put off because you think it's your weight. My doctor never once mentioned my weight being a cause and I'm borderline between obese and overweight based on BMI. BUT he did congratulate me when I did lose weight and said it would make 'pregnancy' easier, fertility he said was not affected by weight.

Hopefully the original poster had luck!!
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Re: is it really my weight?

Postby BFPPlease » Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:20 am

When I had my PCOS diagnosis after my MC, the doctor attributed it to my weight that was it. In fact I don't even have cysts. She just said I needed to lose over 100 pounds (which would bring me close to 110 pounds) to ever get pregnant. with no ovulation this cycle, maybe she was right. I have already lost 20 pounds but that did not help.
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Re: is it really my weight?

Postby alangcreech » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:06 pm

very informative.
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Re: is it really my weight?

Postby mishavailable » Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:44 pm

Hello my dear friend, it is a good thing that you are sharing your problem with us and I hope you will get good advice to find good solution for it. It is always helpful to get advice of others for your problems. Infertility is very common problem these days and many couples are facing this issue. There can be various causes when someone face is the issue of infertility. You said that you had weight loss surgery and now you are facing problem of infertility. I am not any professional health expert who can give you proper advice but I will suggest you visit any certified untrusted infertility clinic like Lotus clinic. Lotus clinic is a certified clinic where many couples got Good help to fight with infertility problem. There can be various causes of infertility and they can diagnose your physical have to know about such causes. Maybe your partner is having infertility issues so both of you should visit infertility clinics to get a checkup. You lost your extra body weight with surgery but it can be a big problem again. I will suggest you live the healthy and active lifestyle to increase chances of conceiving. It is very important to add some regular exercise, yoga and good nutrition in your diet. Your body will need time to recover from any surgery and you should help your body to prepare more quickly with good nutrition and regular exercise. I hope you will be able to get good advice at infertility Clinic and you will be able to find the solution of your infertility problem. My blessings are with you my friend. Best of luck for your beautiful life and future.
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