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Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:37 am

Hi :)

We were too late to go pick pumpkins, I held off too long this year they both near us were closed already. We had to buy them from the store, it’s just not as fun as going to pick them out but we got some and they got them carved this weekend. We roasted 4 batches of pumpkin seeds, that’s always the best part for my daughter she loves them,

Halloween is on Tuesday I think, the 31st. That’s when we trick or treat but there’s lots of Halloween festivities going on this weekend. It’s supposed to snow the day of halloween so it’s gonna be cold walking around for candy.

Happy belated birthday!! What did you guys do to celebrate?
Friendships really are tough as you get older. I’ve got a few friends from my younger years that I’m in contact with but that’s it. It’s hard not to grow apart when you get married and have kids, life takes over.

I hear you on no sleep. I’m tired all the time too and of course every wake time during the night is solely me taking care of it while he sleeps, that’s even more aggravating. I’m ready for her to sleep for longer stretches of time lol but she still has so much growing to do her eat schedule is priority.
I hope you can get it all straightened out so you can get good quality rest to be able to keep up with everything.

I hope you enjoyed the weekend and got some rest!!

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:44 am


I hope your Halloween went nicely! :) And that you’re getting enough sleep! I know how frustrating it is to be the one to take care of the nights (and days). Try to think of it as making sure she grows, it might help.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Me making coffee and baking a cake was us celebrating my birthday. I did get breakfast served at the table, too. ;)

I hope you’re doing well!

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:30 pm


Our Halloween was cold with snow in the air. My daughter was cold and miserable, my son was running house to house for candy like a crazy person and Kensi just hung out lol. She hates her car seat so her stroller isn’t useful right now so I’ve been using a wrap and wearing her , so she was snugly wrapped up and warm.

Sleep... I give up.. exhausted is the new normal... I go back to work in a week, I have to be up at 430am so with her sleep schedule I won’t get much sleep, less then I get now. Her bedtime is between 7-8pm she’ll sleep till usually 11 then 130,330,530. By the time you feed and change diapers there goes a half hour in between each feed time in the night. By the time you get back to sleep you’re up again. Some nights she’ll go a little longer per feeding only waking 3 times in a night but that’s still exhausting. I’m not complaining I love my baby and wouldn’t change anything, I worked hard to get her lol.

How is Samu feeling, is the illness going away? How’s work been?

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:40 am


I’m sorry to hear that your daughter was not feeling it during Halloween, but glad that Kensi was all wrapped up and cozy. :) Babywearing is the best invention ever. :)

Your nights sound rough, as well. Hang in there, mama! And yes, you did work hard to get her, rough nights and all. :hb:

It’s Fathers Day here and I guess we’re NTNP since DH didn’t use protection while DTD. I’m on CD11, so there’s a slight possibility of an August baby.

Work is fine on some days and some days not so much. Last week was tough, but I survived. The students are mostly just lovely, it’s the colleagues I seem to have trouble with the most. And the lack of sleep, the dark time of year, etc. It’s going to be okay, I’m sure.

I hope your weekend is going well! Good luck with going back to work!

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:17 am

Hi ladies-- is this a private group?? I just got my IUD out and am on CD45 with no period. Definitely looking for women who can relate!

I am a mom to one spunky little girl (20 months) and I live in ATL (my name says DC because I lived in DC when I first joined TWW a few years ago)

I had Mirena for 18 months and went to get it removed-- had multiple failed attempts before finally having to have a scope and be put under. It's been out for 3.5 weeks and it came out post ovulation, so I should have had a period by now but nothing...... Not sure if I ovulated again or if period is eventually coming. I have taken a pregnancy test as well and it was negative.

How long till your cycle returned to normal? When was your first period post removal? Any tips??

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:18 am

Hi, Katy!

It’s not so much a private group but a thwarted one; there used to be more of us but over time there’s only been myself and Ckatta. You’re welcome to join us. :) We’re not that active, though.

If I remember correctly, I had a few irregular cycles post-Mirena, ranging from 30+ days to just over 20 days. I remember saying that I wouldn’t have another IUD. :D I had mine taken out in the April of 2015, we started TTC in May, and were pregnant in September (as you may be able to see from my signature). My son turns 18 months tomorrow, and we seem to be heading towards at least NTNP if not TTC towards baby #2. I’m getting old (turned 39 last month), so we need to try to make it happen if we’re going to be a family of four. I’m from Finland, and got back to work this August.

I totally get what you’re saying about taking the Mirena out, it was really painful for me. I had to go through it without any painkillers, too. (Yikes!) I had bloody discharge for two weeks after the removal, and a sort of period about a month after the removal. Things were wonky for a while, but I used a BBT thermometer and OPKs to help with getting pregnant, took grapefruit juice and did SMEP at some point, too. We DTD a lot the cycle we did get pregnant, and I’d stopped running that month, too. I believe it was causing too much stress for me. I’m not sure what really did the trick, but we were really lucky to get pregnant in the firts place.

Good luck with TTC, and hang in there! AF will show up soon, I’m sure. (That’s the only time she’s actually expected, isn’t it? To get started with TTC.)

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:31 am


My daughter is like that every Halloween for some reason.

Wakasa yay!!! Fx for a new pregnancy!! That would be so exciting!!

I keep to myself within the school it’s a huge gossip mill, it’s terrible and I want no part in it. Sometimes the adults are way worse than the kids unfortunately.

Katy you’re welcome to join us. Like Wakasa said it’s just the two of us and we do chat but we aren’t active daily but please join in!!

I had my murena out years ago, it was August of 2012. I did not get pregnant until December last year, my peanut is 3 months old. I would never in my life put another iud in my body... i was so messed up, I went through what they called “withdrawal” from the synthetic hormones from the iud I was losing mass amounts of hair, I was moody/hormonal. It was absolutely terrible. I had really long unpredictable cycles post mirena. It took me months to regulate. It doesn’t sound like your situation is like that so I’m sure your period is on it’s way so you can start with a fresh new cycle!!

This is exciting! I’m excited to sit on the side lines and follow along with you guys !! Your own personal cheerleader!! I can’t wait to see bfp’s!! Good luck gals!!

Kensi was 9lbs8oz at her visit on Tuesday! She’s growing steadily and getting so big!! We go for our genetics consult in December then thank the lord we are done with testing (for now) . She’s about a month behind but she’s finally smiling and cooing, I absolutely love it!! She’s changing so fast it’s amazing.

Any weekend plans?

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:59 pm

I’m not quite sure how I feel about a possible pregnancy, but I find myself counting the due date (early August, just like yours, Ckatta) etc. although the possibility is so small. Mixed feelings here, for sure.

Yeah, most of the time the adults are the problem. That’s pretty sad, I think.

Oh, wow, Kensi is getting big, how wonderful! Good job, mama! What does the genetics consult entail?

Ah, babies, the grow so fast! Samu’s already 18 months old, it’s incredible! He weighs around 12.7 kgs and is almost 85cm tall. He had the 18-month checkup this week, and received two shots. DH took him to the appointment and said that he was a real trooper. Hardly cried at all while getting the flu shot and one for chicken pox. I had work, so DH took him.

I guess we’re finally evening out the score...

No plans here, how about you?

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:01 am

I can completely understand the contemplation of another pregnancy especially after the post delivery things you went through. But on the other hand another baby would only be a blessing if it happened :)

I’m not exactly sure what genetics will entail. I only know that they are going to thoroughly test her for everything that “could” be part of it the reason she stopped growing and was so small. It’s really just to be thorough at this point, following the steps needed just in case but it’s really thought that it was a placenta issue but wevare following protocol just to be safe and certain there’s nothing else going on.

It’s so hard to believe he’s so big already, it really does go so fast! What a good boy, shots are the worst :( How has he been feeling?

We are getting ready for thanksgiving. I love holidays but I hate the snow and cold lol.

Have a good week!!

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:45 pm


Happy Thanksgiving! :)

The genetics thing sounds logical, and it’s good to make sure the problem was the placenta and not something else. It sounds like your little one is growing so well there should be no worries about it.

Samu’s been well, although be has a runny nose again... But it might just be a side effect of the flu shot. I hope. :)

He loves the snow! It’s too bad he hardly has any time to play outside in the afternoons before he’s picked up from daycare, because they seem to be late going out these days... I usually have dinner on my mind when we get home, so playing outside is mostly limited to the mornings at daycare now. He usually throws a fit when we get home and he has to go inside, it seems so unfair, you know? By the time we are done with dinner, it’s too dark to go play outside.

I think AF is due in a week or so. It would be a miracle and a blessing if she stayed away. Eek. :D

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:11 pm


I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely! I really hate the fact that they’re pushing Black Friday here in Finland, too. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, obviously, so why take on the commercial side of it? It just seems wrong.

Well, I think I just had my O late this month. Remember the excruciating pain I had back in late August and how it was confirmed to most likely be ovulation? It happened again, lasting from Sunday night until Monday afternoon! I even had my CRP levels checked because the pain was on the right side again, and it sort of came and went, but those were fine. The idea was that it might be a burst appendix, but obviously not since there were no signs of infection.

The “trouble” is that we DTD on Sunday afternoon. You know, thinking that I had ovulated already... I don’t know how to break the news to DH, though. I think he’s been more focused on the “not trying” part of NTNP.

Oh, well, if it was, indeed, an ovulation, the chances are still slim, considering my age and all that. I guess only time will tell.

But, yeah, I recalculated the possible due date and everything. ;)

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:24 am

Nope, not a late O.

Ended up going to the hospital, because the pain just keeps coming and going. They did an ultrasound scan and found that my cysts have grown quite a lot in size since the start of September and I was advised to really start thinking about whether or not I want to have another baby, and to get started with TTC as soon as possible. AF appeared, as well.

I guess we need to make a decision because they want to surgically remove my ovaries.

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:44 am


I don’t Black Friday shop, it’s too crowded and people get absolutely insane. I go shopping when I need to go and if they still have deals left I’ll check out what they still have.

Thanksgiving was good. Busy as usual but good.

It’s been tough going back to work. Dh has been home with her this week but his mom has been coming over to get adjusted while he’s here to help, but there’s been issues and I’m realky uncertain about her watching my baby.

What does Dh say about needing to make a decision on another baby? How are you feeling about needing to make that decision? How are you feeling, has the pain subsided? Do they want to do a hysterectomy?

I hope you’re feeling better. Any weekend plans??

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Fri Dec 01, 2017 10:13 am

Hi! Happy December! :)

I totally get you on not going shopping when people get crazy over “super deals” of this and that. It’s incredible how people can go gaga over material things.

What’s the trouble with your MIL? Does your DH handle the baby well, though? I feel for you, I know it must be unbearably tough to go back to work so soon.

I’ve been somewhat fastidious about taking the painkillers, so I haven’t been in excruciating pain since Wednesday morning. I took the day off since the doctor recommended it, and it was a good call. I was in a world of pain for over two hours straight and then slept like a log for another two hours. Getting up aggravated the pain, so I spent the day in bed. Samu was in daycare, which was a smart move. I went to work on Thursday and today with painkillers in tow, and had to take a dose both days.

It feels kind of frightening to think that the pain might not go away, and if I got pregnant, how would I deal with it then? We haven’t had a chance to talk about it in detail yet, but I feel like there’s room for one more child in our family. We’ll see!

If they were to operate, they’d leave the uterus intact, I believe. But I read up on the procedure, abd it’s not really recommended for women under the age of 45 to have their ovaries removed.

Have a great weekend! Any plans? Have you figured out how to handle Christmas? :)

Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:43 am


It has been really tough going back so soon, she’s not adjusting well either. It breaks my heart. My other two are doing pretty well with the huge schedule change so far.

How are you feeling? I hope you’re not in so much pain. I hope Dh agrees that there’s room for one more, another pregnancy and little one is an exciting thought!

Are you going to try to avoid surgery as long as possible?

Has Samu remained well? I hope that’s all the sickness he will catch the rest of the winter. He’s had a tough gonof winter illness already.

I have not decorated, baked or done any of the holiday stuff I normally have started or done by now. I haven’t even began to think about shopping. I am such a slacker this year but my time seems constantly spoken for with having an infant. Next year will be different when she’s a little older and I have more time to get it all done.

Are you prepared for the holidays?
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