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Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:08 am

Hi everyone. I've been TTC for a year. I've been charting BBT since March. I've NEVER had BBT like this after ovulation. You can see my chart from last month here and notice that it declines after my ovulation increase. It's done that for the last 2 months. I've been seeing an acupuncturist and taking herbs that should help with "warmth" and progesterone. So...check out my chart so far for this month. I'm going on 9/4 to a fertility specialist and would love for this to be our month. I know they say you can't always tell off of BBT but last month I had every symptom in the book besides a good BBT temp chart. This month I've had barely ANY symptoms but a really good BBT chart for me. I've NEVER had temps this high...ever! I'm praying this is our month and a little blessing is brewing!
Any opinions appreciated?

I usually begin LIGHT spotting on 10 dpo and promised myself I wouldn't test until then. I don't even have any tests as I have NO self control when it comes to POS! :D

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:23 pm

Hey! Those are promising temps! It's a bit too early to tell at the minute but keep temping and post back in a couple of days!
Good luck!

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Tue Aug 28, 2018 5:24 am

Thank you for your reply Dini.
Every two week wait I promise myself I will be more patient and I fail miserable. haha.
Today, my temp dropped a little to 98.0. It is still well above my coverline but was sad to see a bit of a decline. Hoping it goes back up again tomorrow and this doesn't mean that I'm out.
I have absolutely no AF symptoms or really any symptoms in general. I'm hoping that is a good sign for me...Will be back tomorrow with temp update. :)

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Wed Aug 29, 2018 5:38 am

Temp back up to 98.28 today. Should still be able to use the same link. Not sure what's going on but last night I was asleep by 8:30. I don't feel bad just super tired. In the night I woke up a few times with twinges and they continue this morning. I should start spotting today or tomorrow if AF is going to show up. Waiting to test until Saturday I think. I should definitely have started AF by then...fingers crossed she stays away. With so many changes going on with my body, they don't really feel like AF cramps but I could be wrong. I'm normally not so tired either. However, I could just be feeling hopeful but my gut instinct is that I'm out this month, regardless of the good temps. Probably just do to so many months of getting my hopes up. :)

Hope things are well with anyone reading this. :)

Any insight from anyone on their thoughts? Chart thoughts? I'm now 10 dpo...

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:55 am

Hey, according to your previous months chart, AF should be due for you on Sunday. I also get 2/3 days of spotting before AF starts, my first sign is always the lack of spotting before AF - so I hope it stays away! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:12 am

Hi Dini, Thanks again for your thoughts! Yes, FF is calling for Sat or Sunday. I should technically start spotting tomorrow...Time will tell...hoping these higher temps are a good sign...

Here's to hoping!

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:27 am

Okay...I'm back again with more confusion. My temp this morning shot way up again. Highest it has been this entire cycle. I would love to think, "this is's starting to be triphasic" however...when I went to the restroom this morning. I had a twinge of brownish mucus when I wiped. Today is 11 dpo and this is the day I usually start spotting before AF. Just a little confused because I've never had my temp spike AND have spotting.
I know that nobody is going to be able to tell me if I'm pregnant but this is kind of driving me mad. If I was going to start spotting, I would have preferred my temp to stay down...since it went up so high...even though I'm spotting, I'm still slightly hopeful.
I also know that I'm just going to have to wait and see what happens the next couple of days as I normally spot for 2-3 days before AF finds me.

If anyone has any experience with a similar situation or any input...I'd love to hear it. :)

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day!

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:03 am

Temp up again, same exact temp as yesterday. Even lighter spotting today. No AF symptoms...really hoping this is my month.

FF shows AF should be here tomorrow.
See my fertility doctor on Tuesday.

Thoughts on this? Anybody?

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:19 am

Hey, I hope it stays up there! Will you test? It's all looking promising so far.

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:04 am

I want to test every day (haha) but I'm trying to wait until Sunday or Monday. If my temp stays up tomorrow, I'll probably test on Sunday. I've never had my temps go this much higher than my previous temps and not start downward. I normally spot 11 dpo but it's not normally quite like this. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but my temps are causing me to do just that. And this weird spotting and lack of AF symptoms. Could just be a weird month for me but I'm going to stay positive until AF finds me.

How is your pregnancy going Dini? (congratulations by the way!!)

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:39 pm

Hey bfulker! How did the weekend go for you? Do you have an update?

My pregnancy is going well at the moment (I hope), I'm 9wk5days. Had some nonstop nausea and terrible fatigue but really hoping it will start easing in the next couple of weeks!

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Wed Sep 05, 2018 8:15 am

Well, goes to show you that you shouldn't read too much into BBT. I was disappointed yet again when AF found me on Saturday. Went to my fertility doctor yesterday and I'm starting a round of clomid this month. Thanks for hanging on with me.

So happy to hear. Will keep thinking of you and fingers crossed for a healthy, uneventful pregnancy! They say nausea gets better but my sister was terribly ill for several weeks when she had other sister was sick for a couple of weeks and then was great. I'm hoping the could weeks is enough for you and you'll be feeling better soon! :D

Re: Highest BBT I've ever had...thoughts?

Wed Sep 05, 2018 8:36 am

Hi bfulker, really sorry to hear AF got you. I hope clomid does the trick for you - wishing you loads of luck :)
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