WHAT? Pic indluded... Its been a while

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WHAT? Pic indluded... Its been a while

Postby leanna1800 » Sat Apr 27, 2019 1:28 pm

So ladies... its been... 11 years? I was here 11 years ago and got pregnant after many miscarriages with my now 10 year old daughter....

So get this...
About April 19th my daughter gets her period. Now for the last year we have been getting it at the same time. I wait a few days and start spotting. Just a bit here and there and very light bleeding. I know something is UP! Tuesday I get a first response... and I take it. Like 3rd pee of the day. I see a faint line.. I really have to look but yep there it is. My hubby sees it too. Im like no way. I don't believe it. So I had a digi and say I will wait a few days and take that if this still seems odd. Well still just light bleeding and feeling strange. So friday, yesterday... I take the digi in the morning.. comes up with a YES. I've been sick with a cold that wont go away and light bleeding and a positive? I get worried and go to the ER. The doc says he will do a Urine test, blood test, ultrasound and a exam. Ok I tell him... 15 ... 1 live child. I have had a blighted ovum, chemical pregnancies, twins I lost with extra chromosomes, all kids of issues. FirsIt he takes labs and then I go for ultrasound. Now the ultrasound shows signs of pregnancy. The tech says I am really early. Like 3 weeks pregnant, close to 4 maybe. But the lining is thick and they cannot see a sac yet. Ok I expected that. Then the doc does the exam and looks at my cervix. He says its closed, that he sees no signs of miscarriage but there is a small cyst of my cervix. He says he expects me to bleed through the weekend. Then he comes back in the room says my urine was positive for pregnancy and that my beta came back 37.2 so I am definetly pregnant. Now with this info he said he cannot tell if I am very early pregnancy or on my way to possible miscarriage and that I need another beta on Monday. I know I am very early and only had sex on April 13th. I have no idea how far that would put me at all but I know its early. So I got another test today and took it to see if the line is darker. I took it on my 5th pee of the day lol and its definetly darker and came up right away. I have no idea what to think... or how to feel... I am shocked and not believing any of this. My first test must have been around 11 hcg or 12 to be so faint...
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Re: WHAT? Pic indluded... Its been a while

Postby southernbelle » Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:08 pm

Mar 2013 chemical pregnancy :angel:
May 2013 :bfp:
Feb 2014 Baby Girl :babyg:
Feb 2015 missed miscarriage @ 8 wks (Vitex) :angel:
Apr 2015 miscarriage @ 6 wks (Vitex) :angel:
Jun 2015 hysteroscopy
Aug 2015 failed IUI #1 (Femara, Follistim, Ovidrel)
Sep 2015 chemical pregnancy (Vitex) :angel:
Oct 2015 500mg Metformin, Baby Aspirin, 100mg Clomid cd 3-7
Nov 2015 500mg Metformin, Baby Aspirin, 150mg Clomid cd 3-7, Follistim cd 8-11, Ovidrel
Dec 2015 500mg Metformin, Baby Aspirin, Vitex, Preseed, Mucinex :bfp:
Aug 2016 Baby Boy :babyb:
Sept 2019 miscarriage @ 6 wks (Preseed, Vitex) :angel:
Oct 2019 chemical pregnancy 500mg Metformin, Baby Aspirin, 150mg Clomid & Estrace cd 3-7 :angel:
Nov 2019 500mg Metformin, Baby Aspirin, 150mg Clomid cd 3-7

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