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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

#1 TTC!! Trust your body.. You know best!!!

First of all thank-you to all you lovely ladies that have shared your stories on here whilst I thought I was going a little crazy during my TWW & constantly trying to work out if all these weird & wonderful symptoms I am feeling are pregnancy or just PMS hormones! Anyway I thought I was keep my very own TWW journal because initially me & my partner decided that we wanted to try & conceive however expected it to take a long time as it is our first time & many friends/family had a bit of wait so we were prepared for that. Therefore I was not expecting to feel anything following our first week of unprotected BD'ing.. However this is my story...

0 - Slight nausea & dizzy feeling, slight cm, tender bbs, slight lower stomach cramps

1DPO - Dizzy spells, slight cm, tender breasts, heightened smell, lower back ache

2DPO - Occasional sneezes, stuffy nose, gassy stomach (burping), swollen sore bbs, lower back ache, slight cm

3DPO - Lower back ache, watery mouth, sick feeling, slight tender bbs, pulling cramping feeling in stomach, hot flashes at work, slight runny nose

4DPO - Bleach smell & body ordor giving me a head ache, sick feeling, dizziness, slight Lowe back ache, sick feeling

5DPO - Slight backache, slight lower cramps, lower back ache, increased appetite, feeling cold, tender BBS

6DPO - Really tender BBS even to touch, so so soooo hungry, lower back ache, tired & achy, headache after day at work, mild stomach cramps, stitch pain at night

7DPO - Sore BBS, lots of pees, light headed, vivid dream, generally uncomfortable

8DPO - Blocked nose, sore throat, funny taste in mouth, lower abdominal cramps/pulling feeling most of the day, sore & really veiny BBS

9DPO - Light stomach cramps (not lower but in actual stomach), tired, mild lower back ache, hot, dizzy/ lightheaded (warm day), hunger, tender/veiny BBS, bad nights sleep

10DPO - Lots of pees, SHATTERED, sore throat, light headed/dizzy in the heat, lower abdominal cramps

11DPO - BFP!!! (Dark line, morning pee with a clear blue)

I hope this helps anyone of you who are still in your TWW & thinking surely this can't be it, I can't be feeling symptoms already because I knew straight away I felt "different" and my body had started to change. *Baby dust to you all*

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