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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

10 dpo BFP!!

After trying for 8 months after being on BC finally got my BFP!!! Just wanted to share my story as I loved this page during the TWW. Me and DH thought we wouldn't be able to concieve naturally as his ex thought she couldn't have kids and got pregnant twice after they split. Everything happens for a reason. <3 Things that helped: We both took maca for about 2 months and it was our first month using preseed around ovulation. I also tracked ovulation with cb digital ov tests. Everyone said not too think about getting pregnant so much but it's almost impossible when you want it so bad. I just tried not to talk about it so much and stayed postive and didn't make my life revolve around it. Even told DH if we didn't get pregnant this month we were going to hold off and go on a trip! 0dpo - Got solid smiley with ov test. BD In the morning with preseed. Felt strong cramp a few hours later for about a minute in left side. Thought maybe it was gas. 1dpo - BD with preseed again. No symptoms. 2dpo - Slight Cramps. Wave of nausea. Usually get it after OV. 3dpo - Shooting pains in breasts. Slight Cramps. Normal after ov after checking symptoms last month. 4dpo - Nothing really 5dpo - Cramps in lower left side again. Went to movie and someone a few seats down was wearing strong perfume and it made me feel sick. Almost had to leave. Thought that was weird. Hemmeroids(sorry if tmi) which I've never had before. Starting thinking maybe this was a sign but figured it was still too early. 6dpo - Nothing really. Felt a bit tired. 7dpo - A bit dizzy in the morning. Felt pretty nauseas and bloated. Went away around noon. Breasts weren't sore at all which I thought was weird as they always get tender about a week before af. 8dpo - Felt really dizzy in the shower in the morning. Told DH something is up.. kept burping in the morning like I ate a huge meal. Tiny cramps mostly on left side. Felt bloated again through out the day. Nauseas. 9dpo - Dizzy again in the morning. Pizza day at work and I love BBQ chicken and I couldn't even eat it. Felt like I was gonna get sick. Knew it right then. Helping a customer in the afternoon and felt like I lost my balance for a brief second. Pinching and pulling type cramps. Went home and took a frer test. Faint BFP!!! Me and DH were skeptical.. didn't want to get too excited. 10dpo - Frer again with fmu and got another darker faint positive!! Still skeptical. Burping again. Pinching cramps mostly on left side again. Super bloated and waves of nausea. Went and got a cb digital cause I had to know and within a minute came up pregnant with 1 - 2 weeks!!! Couldn't believe it!!! Hot flashes at night. 11dpo - Nausea after eating anything. Then hungry right away. Alot of cramps going on mostly on left side. Bloated and gassy. Hot flashes at night. Took cb test just to be sure and got 2 dark lines. Still in shock. :) Still need to see doctor to get blood work done so hopefully it sticks!! :) Good luck to all you ladies out there!!!

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