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10 Months TTC and Finally + with Prometrium

10 Months TTC and Finally + with Prometrium

These have been the hardest, most frustrating 10 months of my life. I’m not going to sugar coat this one. Yes, we BD’d more than ever before (which was fabulous!), yes, there is a gained strength when you come out of a trial. But I was not patient, I did not “stop trying” this month, and I didn’t de-stress. It happened likely because my doctor proscribed Prometrium, a 200mg progesterone suppository to try and extend my luteal phase (it’s usually only 8-9 days). I am 27 and my husband is 28. We had been trying to 10 months. We’re both healthy and active. I’m 5’7 and weigh 130lbs, (I used to be underweight but when we started ttc I was told to gain 10 lbs or so). I have normal 28-29 day cycles but ovulate late (day 19-21) and have a “luteal phase defect” which the doctors said it would be hard to get pregnant without correction since the little guy would have time to implant. I chart every month and have consistent ovulation with the temperature spike, eqqwhite cm, etc. I tried everything to lengthen my luteal phase: vitex, maca, b6, 81mg baby aspirin, relaxation, yoga, Emerita natural progesterone cream, etc… but thing made it budge more than a day. So, at the 9-month mark I made an appointment with a western doctor and a naturopathic doctor. One proscribed Prometrium and said she would “very surprised if I wasn’t pregnant in 2-3 months” and the other gave me traditional Chinese herbs and I started acupuncture once per week. That was all started in January and now I’m pregnant!

CD 17: ewcm, BD

CD 18: ewcm, positive OPK, BD

CD 19: O day, BD (split a bottle of wine and really made it fun!)

1dpo: One more BD for good luck, temp spike

2dpo: started Prometrium, low front cramps, headache, felt like I was buzzing… probably ate too much chocolate ;)

3dpo: low front cramps

4dpo: lower back ache, so tired and didn’t want to get out of bed (this is very unusual for me, usually I’m up and alert and don’t push “snooze”)

5dpo: creamy white discharge, feeling very bloated and hungry. I felt like I couldn’t get full. Ate lunch, and then went to the market for a burrito at 3pm! Achy lower back.

6dpo: constipated, so much white chunky tacky cm—assumed it was from the Prometrium suppositories. Sleeping so well, long and undisturbed. Really vivid dreams. This was new for me. Boobs not sore yet, this is also new as they are usually sore by now so I know AF is coming. Don’t like anything on my waist. My nylons were annoying me so badly—uncomfortable and tight.

7dpo: still no sore boobs. Not my usual pms zits on my face either—it’s completely clear. Lot of creamy cm, like seriously maybe a teaspoon at a time, so gross!

8dpo: temp is still up so I’m excited since I usually have a drop by now. No cramps at all for the past couple days.

9dpo: woke up twice in the middle of the night to eat something. Stomach growling. Headache all morning and ended up just getting out of bed around 4am. Feel tired, and have hot hands and face, like I’m going to get a cold.

10dpo: BFP! It’s faint, but it’s there. Couple of cramps, low back ache, hungry! I had great plans to tell my husband but instead I went squeeling downstairs and just flung my giggling self on him.

11dpo: BFP! splitting headache, no appetite. Toast with butter sounded good all day. Ordered in pizza for the superbowl game and that hit the spot :)

12dpo (today): BFP getting darker! Still have a killer headache but am starving again so I take it for a good sign.

The tip-offs for me was that my boobs didn’t hurt at all, I had a lot of creamy cm, and didn’t get zits. No temperature dip, no spotting, nothing. I hope this helps you, and thank you for sharing all your stories. It has definitely helped pass the time over this past 10 months. I want to say again, how hopeless I felt these past 10 months. How completely out of control and impatient. I was just so excited to be pregnant, so hopeful at the beginning. But it spiraled quickly into a painful and frustrating process. We had one chemical pregnancy along the way, which helped reassure us that maybe we could get pregnant in the future again. But every month when I would get my period it was a complete meltdown. Tears, thoughts of wanting to quit my job, worries that there was something wrong with us. My husband actually had a sperm test scheduled for this week so fortunately, we were able to cancel that in time. But ya, to make a long story even longer, I wasn't finding all the joy I could have found during this process. I was a grump. And although we got very creative with our sex life (who wouldn't when you're doing it every other day for 10 months?!) So this was a plus. But overall, I was completely exhausted and just plain sad. I know God had a plan for us this month, but holy crap I didn't like his plan very much. I love it now though :)

Good luck ladies! I know what you're going through and can't offer anything advice-related... so I'll just send good thoughts your way. xx


Congrats to you! I definitely appreciate the honesty! :)

Congratulations and thank you for sharing! Your honesty is refreshing and although we've only been TTCing for 3 cycles, I can 100% relate to the emotions you experienced. I do feel very out of control and I'm unfortunately very impatient, as well. I'm so happy to hear that there was a light at the end of the tunnel for you - congratulations!

So happy for you!!!! I'm at 8 dpo and I could have written your post! Lol here's praying!!! :-)

Thanks so much, can so relate to your post, wishing you a very happy and blessed pregnancy!

Hi! Congratulations on your BFP! I started TTC #2 5 months ago with two chemicals in between. I'm trying pretty much everything you tried. I want to ask my doctor to prescribe progesterone next month. Did you have a hard time getting your doctor to write the prescription? I'm not ready to be told again to just "relax and keep trying". On the other hand, I don't know if I'm just pushing things too much instead of trusting in God's timing. Any tips you can provide will be greatly appreciated!
Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

I can give advice to the last poster: I had two chemical pregnancies / early miscarriages before my daughter... it's heartbreaking, and I think it's likely that my daughter wouldn't be here had I not requested progesterone. It did take a little work to get my doctor to agree, but I got her to test my progesterone level as soon as I found out I was pregnant and it was borderline low. Taking the supplements may have saved my daughter's life, and I don't regret it for a second. Even if the doctor thinks it's a placebo effect, they can't blame mothers for doing everything they can to protect their unborn. Good luck!

Thanks ladies! In answer to your question, I went through 2 doctors who just said, "it's not 12 months yet, relax and keep trying." But I just knew something was up with my short Luteal Phase--usually an indication of low progesterone. My new doctor instantly prescribed Prometrium and said she would be very surprised if I wasn't pregnant in a couple months. So no, it wasn't hard for me. But I had also had 2 21-day (or, 7 dpo) progesterone tests and my levels were borderline low so my doctor had some insight there. I was trying to trust God's timing too, and just be patient. But when my doctor said that sometimes it just takes something tiny, like a little extra boost of progesterone, I thought what the heck--I'd try anything at that point. And voila, the first month I started taking it, I got pregnant. I would highly recommend it and also recommend seeking a new doctor if your current one isn't listening to you. Good luck, I wish you all the best.

Thank you SO MUCH for your quick replies to my comment above (about getting the dr to prescribe progesterone). It really has given me the confidence to ask to be tested or seek another doctor. Prior to my ttc journey I had been off birth control for a year trying to get my body back on track so I think I know my body well enough to know something's up with my luteal phase.
I really appreciate you taking the time to respond as your answers have given me hope and confidence. You ladies really made my day. God Bless!

All these post are very helpful. I have been TTC for almost 19 months now, very frustrating. Have worked with a naturopath and medical Dr. at a fertility clinic. All test are great, had a laparoscopy with 2 small areas of stage 2 endo removed, basically diagnosed with undetermined fertility. Naturopath prescribed vitex, supplements, meditation, been doing all for about 8months. ND does believe I have a LPD, although my progesterone # are pretty good, but not ideal in her mind. I have very regular periods, 26-28 days, I clearly ovulate in all my bloodwork and temps, about day 12 to 14 but those darn OPK strips don't work for me. Has anyone else had this problem with strips? I have tested am, pm, numerous times a day and never had a positive although my temps elevate and stay elevated. I basically have to base my ovulation on temperatures. I track it all, temps, CF although I feel in the past year I really don't' notice much, especially not any EW.
I will be taking promethium for the first time this cycle once O. Anyone with similar experience, any advice would help!

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