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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

10dpo BFP, Valentines Day Baby!

I'm so excited to be typing this! The past 10 days has certainly be a whirlwind of waiting, symptom checking, and anxiousness! I kept reading from various people that "symptoms can't occur before the embryo implants" and that it's "all in your head" but I'm here to say that's definitely wrong! What a wonderful thing our bodies can do! I truly believe that your body has several ways of telling you as soon as conception occurs. And that's where my story begins :)

This is my second pregnancy, my daughter turned 2 in May. She was an oopsie (don't tell her that) with my ex husband while we were separated, so I don't recall many symptoms until I got my BFP. I do remember having diarrhea a few days before I found out, but thought nothing of it. This was my first month TTC with my fiance- we get married in 2 weeks! What a marriage present!

1-3 dpo- very vivid dreams each night. Started noticing a lot of creamy CM.
4 dpo- first night of insomnia. I was awake from 1am-3:30am and woke back up at 5:30am. Slight cramping and gas
5 dpo- I was so emotional this day! I got upset over a tiny thing and couldn't stop crying. It was bad! I was also very hungry. Insomnia.
6 dpo- I couldn't fall asleep, and had to wake up to eat a bowl of cereal at midnight because I was so hungry. Still seeing creamy CM and gas.
7dpo- Started noticing my bladder felt full more often. I had a wave of nausea after an afternoon nap that lasted about an hour.
8dpo- I slept better this day, but had loose BMs (not quite diarrhea) all day, which is out of the ordinary for me. I was exhausted! I went to sleep at 9:30 and actually slept through the night.
9dpo- My breasts weren't sore but felt fuller/heavier than normal. Lots of gas. When I went to bed, I had this not really cramping feeling but a lot of pressure in my abdomen. I just KNEW I was pregnant and decided to test in the morning.
10dpo- Woke up this morning to a BFP with my FMU!!!

I hope this helps anyone who is unsure of their symptoms immediately! Don't dismiss anything out of the ordinary. Our bodies are so amazing! Now I'm off to buy a 'big sis' shirt for my daughter and surprise my fiance later!

Due 2/14/16



Yayyyyy! Congrats on the big day and bundle on the way!

Due date 2/14... What a great love baby..


In the same boat as u! Hope I get my BFP soon :)

Our symptoms are almost identical. Throw in lightheaded for me and almost everything is the same. I am 10dpo and took a test this morning. It was an extremely faint BFP. I thought I was seeing things cause it was so light. Woke up my hubby from a dead sleep. He saw it too but cautioned me on getting too excited. My due date will also be Valentine's Day. I hope the BFP is real and I hope this one sticks. I've had one chemical and a M/C.

congrats!! wishing u a long healthy pregnancy. same here, 2/15 due date and similar symptoms except no diarrhea this time. constipated more like it. like jaycee i've had mc and cp so hope this one sticks...

Congrats! I just got my BFP too :) February 17th due date!

Do you think on 4 DPO that cramping was possibly due to Implantation? I too had cramping 4 DPO and thought maybe it was just Really early Implantation but is that even possible? lol

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