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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

11 Months TTC- BFP First Round Clomid!!!

Back story: I just turned 27 and my husband is 29. Stopped taking BC last April. Irregular periods or absence of periods while on BC. Period came back within weeks of stopping BC. Regular 27 day cycles from then on. Tried and tried for 11 months. Used several fertility tracking apps and tracked CM religiously. Every month resulted in a negative result. When my easy going husband started worrying that something was wrong I decided to visit my OBGYN. My Doctor gave us three options: HSG testing, sperm testing or Clomid and in whichever order we felt comfortable doing it in. My husband and I decided to try Clomid. I had suspicions about ovulation because of the issues I had while on BC but ignored those thoughts for the last 11 months!

I started 50mg Clomid on CD 3 and took my last Clomid pill on CD 7.

Because of what I had read about Clomid pro-longing cycles and making ovulation sooner or later than what it normally is, we decided to use a digital ovulation prediction kit.
High fertility on CD 12-13 and peak fertility CD 14-15. This is normally when I would ovulate on my own so I was skeptical as to if the Clomid really did anything... ????

Baby danced all 4 days of high and peak fertility. No big change in CM from taking Clomid like some reports say.

1 DPO - Nothing to report
2 DPO - Terrible bloating and indigestion
3-6 DPO - Bloating and gas
7 DPO - Start of sore nipples and sharp pain in uterus that woke me up in the middle of the night
*I read that Clomid could cause sore nipples so I tried to ignore this as a prego symptom!
8-14 DPO - Sore and sensitive nipples that started to also get huge! CM was very unlike what my CM was like before getting a period. Not a ton of creamy CM, more so clear and wet. One thing I did not get this cycle was yellow creamy CM like I normally do. A constant feeling of movement down in uterus area. Tightness around my belly button. Very calm cramping, not like period cramping. My stomach was constantly growling and hungry! Like I would think to myself, how can I be hungry again???? Indigestion. Bloating. Gas. Very slight nausea. Getting full fast. Hot flashes (crazy hot flashes everything of day!) Insomnia, fall asleep and then wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back to sleep.

Above all other symptoms........ I knew I was pregnant. I felt it deep down inside my heart. I knew this cycle was our cycle. I never experienced this feeling with any other cycle. I was still cautiously optimistic though.... Terrified of seeing another negative test and of having to try another round of Clomid.

Yesterday at 13 DPO I decided to take a ClearBlue Digital early pregnancy test because I needed to know!!! **** Finally! Our big fat POSITIVE!!!! *******
It is still a holy shit type of feeling!! My husband and I both can't believe that our first round of Clomid worked!!!!

My Advice: Believe!!!!!!! And stay positive!!!!! My husband and I played a role in getting pregnant but the big man upstairs played the biggest role. I believe this is a blessing. If it wasn't for our faith, I would have been so heart broken several cycles ago that I would have given up. Also, remember that every woman and every woman's body is different! Try not to read too much into things.... I learned the hard way on several cycles! If you are on the fence with Clomid.... Give it a good try! You never know!!!

Thank you everyone and Two Week Wait for your BFP stories!!! They helped greatly over the past 11 months!!

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I love this post!  Thanks and congratulations xxx 

Just started using Clomid and your story is so like mine in every way... I'm really hoping to get the same results as you :)

Best post ever! Super similar to my situation :) and that gives me hope! Congrats to you two!

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