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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

11dpo faint bfp

Hi! So happy to finally be posting on here after many months of story stalking. I'm 33 DH is 39. It's our 3rd month ttc. (Though the first month we only did it once in fertile window). I had a chemical/.very early mc 4 years ago not ttc. Used pull out method and cycle tracking for 7 years. I typically ovulate on CD 11-13 based on symptoms not temping. Cycle length is 27-30 days. This month we BD on CD 5,8,9,12,13,22. Symptoms: CD 12: EWCM, diarrhea, tender boobs, headache. CD13: ovulation! Cramps, acne, warm feeling, EWCM, high sex drive. 1dpo: nothing 2dpo: feel good/happy 3dpo: weird cramps (bowels?), intermittent tender boobs 4dpo: fatigue, creamy cm 5 dpo: fatigue Uti feeling, weird spasms in urethra, increase cm 6dpo: creamy cm, nausea but in car all day 7dpo: cramps, stabbing, not like period cramps 8 dpo: lots of creamy cm when checking, not on underwear 9dpo: crashed while roller skating! Hurt wrist and both legs. Weird because I never wipeout like that just skating downhill! (It was a bumpy path though...), mood swings, feel like I'm getting a cold 10 dpo: high sex drive, nausea but driving all day 11 dpo: super bitchy, felt something was up, milky cm, fatigue, nausea, weird coating in mouth, beer sounds terrible, bloating. Tested in evening after weird sexy nap dream and got a faint BFP! Excited, but don't want to get ahead of myself. Period due in 4 days. 12 dpo: fatigue, nap, very low cp in am-high at night, feels like vagina kinda closing in, very plush feeling, stomach pangs, nausea at night 13 dpo: fatigue, mood swings, frequent urination, bloating, gassy. Took test in evening with FR and got a very clear BFP!!! Flushed cheeks, weird coating in mouth, nausea at night, cramps feel like bowels, tummy flutters at night for 5 mins mostly on right side. Yippee!! Notes: After BD on ovulation day and day before, I kept hips propped with pillow for 30 mins followed by a couple handstands ;) I didn't really feel that different until 11 dpo. Good luck to everyone!!!
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Hi Ladies my dh and I've been trying for a year now. I was on depo for 8 years and my last shot was August 2016. Got my first period three months later and have had a surprisingly regular cycle ranging between 28 to 30 days. Took clomid 50 mg June of this year but didn't conceive that month. We decided to let nature take its course so July I did nothing, no clomid, no pregnacare, no pre seed and ended up bleeding for 12 days. On CD 33 I thought ' this is the first time I'm late since last year' and ended up testing only to get two evap lines... Tested today CD 35 and got my BFP! No idea when O'd No sore breasts No cramps Took a nap almost everyday Woke up around 1:30 to 2:00 am everyday Weird dreams Feeling cold Two week flu (still have this) Huge itchy bumbs which the doctor said is and allergy (never had an allergy before) Congratulations to all the bfp's and goodluck to all who's TTC

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