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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

12 dpo BFN, 17 dpo BFP!!!

My husband and I were only TTC for 3 cycles but it felt like forever!! I also had more pregnancy symptoms in my BFN months verses this month. I started to get worried because I had an abortion in my teenage years and I thought I messed things up for myself. I was also going to start considering Pre-Seed, and pineapple core because I was desperate. I always promised myself I would post on this board once I got a BFP so here it is...

Things I did differently this month:
1. I tried to relax
2. I started exercising more

1 - 13 dpo - No symptoms, no bleeding, no sore boobs but I wanted to have a couple of drinks so I took a FRER on 12 dpo...BFN. I thought I was out for the month.

14 dpo - Really really tired but that usually happens before my AF. However my usual bloating didn't happen.
15 dpo - Still tired, slightly sore nipples and AF cramps. I totally thought it was coming.
16 dpo - Still tired, sore nipples and cramping but AF is one day late.
17 dpo - Less cramping but I decided to take a FR and i got a BFP!!!!!!

It's not over until the AF arrives!! Have hope!


Great story - Congratulations! I have read so many conflicting stories now that I dont know whether its good to have symptoms or not!
I am 10 DPO and have no urge to test yet but I am really hoping and praying (im not even religious!!) that i get a BFP in a few days time!

Wow your post gives me hope. First time TTC so I cant complain but the TWW has been agonizing. Anyhow I am 13dpo and have had every pregnancy symptom just about but I chose to doubt so I'm not disappointed when aunt flow comes. It is so hard to see other women get their BFP after 8 or 9 dpo. Anyhow I feel different altogether and have been praying really hard. Decided not to test again until March 23rd if aunt flow is late. I hope I can post my BFP story to encourage others. Thank you for your post and congrats on your little one.

I'm on my 3 cycle and am 12 dpo poas this am...BFNNN....I was hopeless til I saw this...thank you for sharing! Babydust to you all

I'm 12 dpo today. First month TTC, feeling weird, bloated as all get out, and "off" all two weeks, so who knows. I've been trying to stay aloof, just in case, but I poas today and came up BFN! Boo! My horrible Aunt Flo isn't supposed to come until Sunday, and we'll be out of town visiting my in-laws all weekend. Hopefully that will keep my mind off it. If Aunty isn't in town by Tuesday when we get back, I'm testing again. Thanks for the ray of hope. :) Prayers for everyone.

got 2 BFN's today (because I'm addicted To POAS!) I've had acid reflux, bloating, weird twinges and pokes in my abdomen, last night I had sharp pains in my left breast. All unusual feelings for me so I was really disappointed when I got my 2 BFn's. I'm 12 DPO and no sign of AF yet. This thread gives me hope! Trying to avoid testing again until at least 2 days from now although I'm in agony not knowing!!

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