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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

12 dpo BFP!

Hello All I've been reading stories and tracking symptoms for a few months now. All the while trying not to read into symptoms too much (so so hard when you're actively trying!) This site has been so useful and comforting though so thought I'd share my BFP story. Hubby and I have been trying over 3 cycles. I'm 30 years old he's 31. CD 12-13 clear CM BD'd both days CD14 - Bloated, gassy, CM clear CD 15 - CM creamier CD 16 - Acne, cold symptoms. Sore throat etc CD17 - + OPK, ovulation back ache. BD'd before cold was in full swing. Acne. Creamy CMP 1-2 DPO - energy low, full of cold 3 DPO- nausea, could have been because of cold 4 DPO - headache, low energy, DIZZY, HUNGRY 6 DPO - needed to wee at night 7 DPO - breasts only just starting to get tender. This is unusual for me they usually start to feel full and tender after O. 8 DPO- nausea, only improves after eating. Hungry again after an hour or so. HEARTBURN. Acne 9 DPO- high energy levels. Same nausea. Breasts tenderness staying the same. Usually it gets worse before AF. 10 DPO - creamy CM. Acne 11 DPO - cramps on right side, thought game was up. Still nauseous. Restless at night. HOT. Nauseous after eating.THIRSTY, dry mouth. 12 dpo - BFP clear blue digital 1-2 weeks. Biggest clues for me were feeling hot, hungry++ bursts of energy when usually before AF I'm usually very tired. Nausea. I usually have acne couple of days or after period not after O. Breasts felt different. Had tenderness under armpits. Someone wrote they feel like water balloons, that's the best way I can describe it. Not the same fullness or ache as before AF, however tenderness on the sides when poked. Slight burning sensation you get after AF when the tenderness dissipates. I also had short sharp cramps below belly button lasting no more than a couple of seconds. Enough discomfort for me to say out loud 'argh'. Before that I felt what I can only describe as someone pulling a thin piece of cotton up on my right side through uterus up to ovary, lasted seconds, ??implantation. Had no bleeding before BFP. Hope this gives someone out there some comfort. My advice is listen to your body we're all unique and you'll know when something is out of the ordinary. Good luck all! Xx

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