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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

12 DPO No Symptoms BFP

I am new to this and just wanted to share my story since I've been stalking this site for my 2WW. I just got my BFP after trying to conceive for the past 6 months. I wanted to let everyone know I really didn't have any symptoms so for you ladies that are symptom checking the only thing I had was a head cold and some back pains. Nothing that I would normally chalk up to being pregnant. So good luck to you out there there's always still hope!


Thanks for this! I'm currently 10 DPO and don't have very many symptoms other then mild backache off and on. Fingers crossed. Congrats to you!

Omg I'm 11dpo and have had a head cold since 8dpo... I've had tender breasts nipples since O'ing and on and off AF cramping, belly ache ,aches in hips and top of legs...I tested yesterday and got a BFN! :(
What was your cold symptoms? X congrats on your BFP Btw :) xx

Thanks for your post, I'm 8dpo and very hopeful, even though, like you, there isn't much evidence :)

Thank you, we are super excited! I just found it weird that I had no symptoms and for whatever reason still wanted to POAS since 9 DPO all negative til today and I swear all the other months I had every symptom under the sun and thought I was really pregnant just to see the AF come again. But I wanted to completely share my story so others that were going thru the same thing as me could find so positive feed back even without symptoms. Good Luck!!!

I was negative at 11 DPO also, so stay positive girly! My head cold was like sinus pressure, runny nose, and bad cough and literally my back hurt like 8-9 DPO and that was it.... NO nipple or bb pain no implantation cramps or bleeding I mean NOTHING.... and Thank you so much!

I don't have so much of the sinus pressure ... Goes from blocked to runny blocked to runny. Did you have similar? Yep I have a cough too even my voice has gone! :( you know it's just I don't feel like all this is real and like I sit and think of the scenario of me in a few days poas and waiting to look at it and when I look all I'm going to see is a BFN again! I feel like a BFP isn't going to happen for me! :(

Just stay positive and yea it was on and off and I'm telling you really didn't feel pregnant at all. If I was a POAS addict I wouldn't of even know but monthly gotta buy test just to pee on them and get BFN. So it was to my surprise to see the BFP and I am still in shock. How many DPO's are you? When do you plan to test? Fingers crossed for you and good luck hun. Jus remember keep your head up!

*If I wasn't such a POAS addict I wouldn't of even known

If i am pregnant i dont feel it at all either! I'm 11DPO ... Think I'm going to hold out until 14-15DPO! Im So Nervous xx thanks for the good luck wish :) xx

I had got an positive. Ovulation. On January 1 n we baby dance n now its 12 doo n I been cramping, n bathroom. Breaks more. N I' want test so bad

Hi ladys I am 12dpo I've been having sore boobs for 5 days now and heartburn every night. I did have clear skin but I'm getting pimples and I've super tired. I'm scared to test cuz every month for 13 months it has been negitive I really want another baby

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