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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

12DPO BFP after several BFNs - faint but there!

Well, this will be baby #3 if all goes well! DH and I are 36 and 34, and have a 9 and 7-year-old. We have gone back and forth for years about having our third and finally committed and felt ready. My TTC journey the first time was tough as I had multiple miscarriages due to MTHFR (not processing Folate) and low progesterone. After we fixed the issue, I had smooth pregnancies and no issues. Recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I was nervous to try again. This was our first month TTC and I am telling you I knew I was pregnant within 2-3 days. Of course, I was on here every day reading others symptoms, so here are mine to share (that were not normal PMS symptoms for me). I started testing at 9dpo bc I'm a POAS addict :) - But today was my first faint positive - hope it sticks! Going for a blood draw this afternoon.

My cycles range from 29-31 days so based on my ewcm, I o'd on 2/19. We bd every other day up to 3 days before o and then day of o.

1DPO - a little ewcm, sore throat, mild cramping.
2DPO - Felt like I had the flu, all over pain. (could just be the fibro??) . Sore throat
3DPO - sore throat (very unusual for me, never get colds), vivid dreams, woke up in an orgasm!, (umm definitely not normal for me), Slept 14 hrs that day.
4DPO - mucus in throat, cough, tugging feeling below
5DPO - light cramps, vivid dreams, very restless sleep, sore throat
6DPO - restless sleep, woke in night sweats
7DPO - first time getting tingly bbs - felt like letdown from bf
8DPO - vivid dreams, tingly bbs, overall normal
9DPO - BFN (not surprised), restless sleep, vivid dreams, super moody, tugging feeling below, tingle bbs, lots of yellow tinged cm (never had before!)
10DPO - BFN - but swore I saw faint line, hubby said I was crazy :), Restless sleep, vivid BFP dream, lower cramping, diarrhea, sore and heavy bbs (different from pre-af) nips were so sore! AF like cramps.
11DPO - BFN no hint of a line.. Restless sleep, sore and heavy bbs, nips sore, sensitive teeth (that was odd) bloated majorly, felt lik AF coming.
12DPO - woke up coughing on mucus, (big clue as I rarely get), vivid dreams - decided wth and tested - faint BFP!!! Still in shock - what do you think?? It showed up right away. Going to dr. for blood draw in case I need to adjust my progesterone supplements.


Congrats! Any updates!

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