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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


I self admittedly forced myself to wait til the day af was due before I tested. 
Here were my symptoms.

2 days prior to o- ewcm
1 dpo sore nips
3 dpo vertigo
4 dpo serious vertigo- stayed home from work Heavy bladder and headache, pain in back
5 dpo lower left pelvic pain
6 dpo Lotiony cm
8 dpo little blood in nose in morning
9 dpo tan cm
10 dpo cotton mouth, watery cm
11 dpo thirsty, frequent urination, random boob pain
12 dpo tired, watery cm, frequent urination
13 dpo dry cm, indigestion
14 dpo slight nausea, occassional sore nips
15 dpo no af, Lotiony cm, poas Bfp 

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