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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

15 dpo , BFP positive :-)

This forum is very special to me. Since the time I was planning to have a baby , I would always come to this forum and spend an hour or more trying to read the symptoms, the excitement when the BFP would be positive and the continued wait and anxiety of the rest waiting for their BFP. I really thank God that he gave me an opportunity to write my feelings and my journey so far :-)
Thank you my friends for passing the Baby Dust :-)
1-2 months TTC

1- 5 dpo , no symptoms
6- 9 dpo breast tenderness (happens to me during PMS , but this was early ,
and then after day 9 - 10, breast tenderness started to decrease , thought AF will now come - thanks to this forum - kept hopes alive )
11 dpo - increased salivation , weird taste in mouth , mild cramps - pelvic area- (thought in mind - feel different from AF cramps )
12 dpo -increased salivation continues , cannot tolerate certain smell, mild cramps again , overall feeling of something going on - run to dollar store- bring HPT kit - test in afternoon - faint line - hopes coming up
13 dpo- wake up at 5:30 am, test on dollar store kit again- dark line - :-) , :-) - go to Rite Aid/ CVS - buy 2 different HPT kits , 4 more from dollar store - check with FRER - Digital - says YES , increased salivation continues, with strong sense of smell , no other symptoms
14 dpo - check again - with FRER at 6 am, light line, drink water- check 2 hours later dollar store - moderate intensity (not as strong as on day 12 though,but clearly visible )
15 dpo - check again 6 am, with EPT brand , + again

Happy , but would check for 3 more days - and post an update , would schedule doctor's appointment today .
My best wishes to every one on this journey , Baby Dust to all :-) , :-) .:-)
 Good News would soon come along !!!