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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

15 months trying with Low AMH

In 2014, at age 35 I found out that I had an AMH of .15. Two years later I was married and ready to try to have children. I tried for about 6 months before starting medical intervention. I started with Femara, then was going to move to IUI when I found out that I had a stenotic cervix and the intervention required seemed invasive enough to warrant moving straight to IVF. In Sept of 2016, I planned to start my first round of IVF. Leading up to IVF, I had read a lot of stories about failed attempts with a low AMH and was really scared as we were paying out of pocket. So I bought the book, "It Starts With the Egg". I started making the dietary changes in the book and taking Ubiquinol. Leading up to IVF my follicle counts had been pretty low... around 4. After following the changes in the book, when I went in for my baseline follicle count I couldn't believe it had nearly tripled to 11! Everything kept falling into place from that point forward. My egg retrieval went well and they retrieved 7, all of which fertilized! Of the 7 that fertilized 5 made it to day 5 embryos with most of them excellent quality. They implanted one and here I am 21 weeks later telling my story about how I wasn't sure I would ever see that BFP and right now I have a sweet little girl growing inside of me. My biggest advice to those of you struggling is to be your own advoate. Do not just do what your doctors tell you. My doctors told me that changing my diet wouldn't make a difference, but I searched and found my own source of information that I trusted and followed it and the results were amazing!

4 dpo, 6-8: Cramping and spotting
12 dpo: Hot flashes
14 dpo: Nausea and dizziness
Then sporadic nausea from 21 dpo onwards.

Another piece of advice is to chart your temp in addition to using ovulation kits. I used the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation kit for months to find out it wasn't detecting my ovulation properly. Charting my temperature allowed me to verify that the Clearblue Digital (not Advanced) Ovulation kit worked perferctly with my cycle.

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