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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

15dpo and BFP

I am so excited to get to finally put my story on here. DH and I already have a DS and have been trying for #2 for over a year and had decided to stop trying. This is our 2nd month not trying. I was appointmentlllso tired of testing early and being seeing negatives then remaining hopeful that it was to early until finally being devestated whe AF showed so i told myself I would not test until AF didn't show for at least 24 hours. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and a Misshapen and tilted uterus in 2010 and was always told that it would be more difficult for me to become pregnant.My son was a suprise to us since weren't trying and was planning our wedding. So it was very hard when baby #2 took longer to make. Anyways onto the good stuff The Symptoms! My symptoms that I have every month are: sore breast, creamy cm 3 and 4 dpo, constipation, heartburn but it usually stops around 5dpo, cramps after O and sometimes nausea. 1 and 2 DPO NOTHING 3 DPO- sleepless night, dreamt about a BFP and Heart Burn but had stuffed peppers so didn't think anything of it 4DPO- bloated, lotion like cm (not uncomment for 3 and 4 dpo), constipated, slight cramps. Heart Burn but ate chilli tonight still not thinking anything of it (heartburn was a big indicator in my 1st pregnancy). Really Sore left boob 5DPO-constipation, bloated, mild cramps sore boobs and nipples, heartburn milky CM 6DPO- This is when i started to wonder and warning TMI ahead... sore firm boobs, ewcm this morning then everything dried up for the day then at night a strand of milky ewcm came out on fingers about 2 inches long then nothing again. very thirsty today, sore clit during sexual stimulation, slight cramps after sex. Heart burn (read online that sensitive clit is an early pregnancy sign but isn't talked about much. I have never had this symptom before) 7DPO-couple of globs of milky ewcm this morning only while checking cp. boobs really sore to the touch/burning behind nipples, little nauseous this morning. later the afternoon cm dried up, got one hot flash followed by a sharp pain in my lower right side then it just ached for a while. 8DPO-woke up feeling nauseous and like I need to eat. lots of sinus drainage. horrible morning breath. CM dried up. VERY HUNGRY all day. that evening felt a sharp pinch/pulling sensation to the lower right side of my belly button an hour later I may have seen a small seed size drop of blood when I wiped but not really counting it as it was so small. increased urination, spells of shortness of breath and fatigue throughout the day. pepsi has tasted off all day, feel like I have more saliva in my mouth. 9DPO-Very Hungry, slight fatigue, lower back on the right side... loose stool turned to constipation 10DPO-12:20 am pressure to the lower right side of my belly button, very uncomfortable. pressure continues through out the day on the right side of my lower abdomin and lower back. CP is medium and VERY firm. small amount of milky tinted CM that felt like lotion or wax. seemes to get winded and tire easier today. went for a mile long walk so that could account for some of the pain this evening but feels like pulling behind belly button for about 5 minutes after I layed down for bed and uterine spasms. still lots of pressure in my lower abdomine. very sore hips and lower back. constipation has returned as well. 11DPO-cp medium and medium firm (much softer than yesterday) seem more emotional. continuation turned to diarrhea. 12DPO-lots of lower abdominal cramps. slept till 10 am and still tired. CP very high and firm. still not much cm. slightly nauseous after eating. still tired felt like i had to go lay down, no energy today. woke up from 2 hour nap still tired. that evening felt a warm rushing feeling again in my vag ( have had it before during this tww but can't remember the day and have had it a few times today). went to the bathroom and underwear was slightly wet. cm seems wet this evening but we DTD today so that could be it. 13DPO- woke up tired. slightly nauseous after drinking. back pain in right side.Head cold for part of the morning. sore boobs. night time heart burn and indigestion. slight lower abdominal cramps CM still dry 14DPO- AF is due but doesn't show... sore boobs, heart burn, slight cramps on the right side CP still higher but moves around a lot during the day cm is dried up 15DPO-pressure in lower abdomin. Super Hungry. Areolas looks HUGE. Caves and finally decided to test at 5:30 pm on a 3.5 hour hold. BFP within 30 sec on 88 cent walmart brand! Will test again in the AM to make sure. Still in shock as I write this. Going to take another test in the am then schedule a Dr appointment on monday. This site has helped me so much through the months ttc and neg test. I knew I had to post my experience on here so that maybe I can help someone else get through their tww. Baby dust to everyone!!!
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Unfortunately this wasn't a sticky bean. Baby never developed and had to have a D&C done at 8weeks

So sorry for your loss.. Your symptoms are almost identical to mine af due tomorrow hoping for a bfp!

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