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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

16 dpo BFP!!!

I cannot believe that I am posting my story. I have been googling the internet for the past 2 weeks like a mad woman! I thought I would share my experience because I loved these stories. Me and my husband started to really ttc for baby #2 this month. I had different symptoms than with my first. 2 dpo-sore throat, vivid dreams, bloated, craving salami 3 dpo- bloated, nauseous, pressure feeling in my uterus/lower abdomen (felt like UTI) with mild pain. No pain when I peed but bad pressure and cloudy urine. Hungry, fatigue. 4 dpo-pressure, fatigue, hungry, emotional (crying over something small), light headache, cloudy urine, watery cm 5 dpo-light headache, mild pressure, frequent urination, cloudy urine, feel out of it / dizzy, stuffed nose, watery cm, AF cramps, creamy yellow cm 6 dpo-No more pressure, it just went away. AF cramping (mild), creamy yellow cm, mild headache, bloat, twinges on lower left side of uterus 7 dpo-dry mouth, creamy yellow cm, small metallic taste at night before bed, light headed, headache 8 dpo- pinching on lower left side, nosebleed before I went to bed, went to the doctor to make sure I didn't have a UTI (first chance I could because of my crazy schedule) and the doctor said I seemed to not have one but my white blood cells were elevated...he mentioned that it could be an indication towards pregnancy, but gave me an antibiotic just in case. Pinching ended at night. 9 dpo- nosebleed in the morning, watery cm, aching legs, really tired-almost fell asleep at work 10 dpo-headache, fatigue, watery cm 11 dpo-sore nipples, yellow cm, dark/yellow urine, nausea, feel out of it, hot flashes, AF cramps (mild) 12 dpo-fatigue, I napped in the afternoon which is something that I never do. 13 dpo-sore throat, slept in late, dizzy, emotional, mild twinges in my breasts (on the sides) 14 dpo-yellow creamy cm (a lot!), bad nausea in the evening, no appetite, bloated, light headache, full heavy boobs, constipated 15 dpo-AF cramps, pinching near ovaries/lower abdomen left side. A lot of white creamy cm (like hand lotion), full boobs 16 dpo-Pinching on left side near ovaried, sore nipples. I got up my courage to go buy a first response home pregnancy test. We had people over for dinner and i tested right away they left. I was so scared to look at the test when it was done, it would have broke my heart if it was negative. But there it was..YES+ I got my BFP! I feel calm and I am trying to plan a way of how to tell my family. Anyway, that is my 2 week wait and BFP story. I found that my symptoms were different than my first pregnancy. The first one I just had bad AF cramps around the time I was to get my period and I was so emotional. But this time it was differet-I felt tired, pinching, and odd UTI symptoms. I wish all of you good luck, and try to not think about it too much because it makes the wait so much longer, Just busy yourself with other things (only spend a couple of hours researching) and the time will go fast.
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