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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

16dpo, didn't test before as i thought no chance!

I was convinced this wasn't our month. Tried OPKs for the 1st tune but couldn't get a positive result. None of the usual ovulation symptoms (i have pretty clear cramps on one side always). Also i had been exhausted- a couple of nights I was fast also when DH came up and said no, not thought. So thought there was no chance and didn't symptom spot, although I did have a bit of heartburn which I had never had before.

About 12dpo felt like AF was imminent but every time I went loads of CM and nothing else. Thought I'd seen the faintest tint of pink on the loo roll but just figured it was the beginning of AF. was so convinced of that that i didn't bother testing. Then the next day...and the next day...all with a feeling of heaviness and look, this is about to start any moment, but it never did. Also AF had been due Monday and my mum came to stay on Tuesday so didn't really want to test while she was there! By now i was regularly waking in the night needing a wee.

Finally decided Weds night I'm gonna test in the morning whenever I wake up. Try half 4. Ugh. Dragged myself to the bathroom and grabbed a test (last one) instantly got this.

Obviously I didn't go back to sleep after that and was trying to wake up DH as early as possible!

Thanks for all the stories and support, you guys are ace!



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