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1st Cycle of Clomid BFP

Just a short history of my TTC journey. After trying for a year with no luck I was scheduled a laproscopy after having a hysteropingagram and no dye being able to go through my tubes. After my lap they told me that I only had one working ovary. My bf got tested and had a low sperm count with good mobility. After 5 more months of trying out doctor prescribed us 50mg of clomid used on cycle day 5-9. Ovulated on November 13th. BD day of ovulation and day after using preseed. I had absolutely no pregnancy symptoms until 13dpo where I was u able to sleep on my stomach because my boobs hurt. 15dpo was expected period (I have a long cycle) I tested and a BFP with a clear blue hpt I am thrilled and so surprised how quickly the clomid worked for us! Baby to be expected due date is August 2nd 2014 :D


Congratulations! Im too on my first chlomid cycle 4dpo we bd every day 3 days before and day of O so hoping for a bfp!! We have been ttc for 3 years now and are desperate for this chlomid to work! Did you do anything else to help this cycle? Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months! :-)

Congrats! I used clomid for the first time last month with no success. On my second cycle, I start 100 mg of clomid tomorrow. i think what I'll do different this time is use pre-seed. Hopefully this will improve my chances. Any other Suggestions? Congrats again! 

Hello girls I'm hoping you can help, I have been perceived. Clomide for the first time, day 5-9 I'm on day 9. I have a scan schedule in fri 13th to see how I'm doing. Girls can I ask how you monitored your ovulations? Or when you times BD? Thank you so much x

Congrats!! I am also on my first round of Clomid. Took it day 5-9. I'm now on day 16. I've been using OPKs but haven't gotten a solid positive yet. Which CD did you ovulate??? I'm really hoping i'm as lucky my first round!! My doc told me to start Provera again today though which makes me feel i'm out this month :-(

Hi dear I am also on my 1st clomid cycle and I would like to know on which day of your cycle did you ovulate? You only gave out the date. Congratz! On you bfp.

Only BD every other day (to keep your sperm count up!) except the day you get a positive Opk test, and the day after. And take Robitussin those days, to thin your CM! :)

I'm on my 1st cycle of clomid 50mg. I had an HSG in March and was instructed to try for 3 months before drugs. nothing. sperm tests fine, my tests fine-doc said all my labs were normal just a polyp on the fundus. tried the 3 months I'm on my 1st cycle of clomid. I did not monitor ovulation regularly. experimented and found that my CM is never the stretchy egg white so I bought pre seed. I'm on CD 24. Been having cramps especially on the right, breasts mildly tender. A little tired. But I'm having trouble differentiating these symptoms from PMS. I did BD on CD 15 and had terrible cramps the next 2 days. Subsided. Around day 20-21 these right side ovary cramps. I normally do cramp before AF but not until like the day before. My cycle is always day 26-28. I'm afraid to test and be disappointed again. I'm trying to patiently wait, if nothing by day 30 test. If it didn't work I'm going to start monitoring O regulary with BBT and OPK. I did also read that clomid can delay your O an AF. This is so frustrating.

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