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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

2nd Round IUI

I've been reading these boards for a few months during the TWW for some hope, so not that I've gotten my BFP, I felt it was only fair to share my story in hopes of giving someone else that hope I needed and received from here.

So a little background, I had my first IUI in February. During my first TWW, I marked every symptom. By the end of the first week, I'd convinced myself I was pregnant. I was googling every symptom. I even took a HPT at 4dpo because I just knew I was pregnant (clearly, I have since realized that even if I was PG, it couldn't have shown that early). I became a POAS addict throughout the whole TWW. When AF finally showed, I was devistated. I had just known that this first time had worked. But the next day, I tried to be optimistic and just focus on getting my ovulation timing correct for the second IUI.

I had decided that with this time around, I would not symptom check every single thing that happened to my body. That was what I had done with the first one, and that did not make it easy when AF showed.

The day I had my second round of IUI, I actually had a family get together, so I could not lay down as much as I had wanted. So I already thought there was a small chance of it happening this month. I did go through with the whole eating 1/5 I have a pineapple each day for five days after ovulation (which I also did during the first IUI, too). I also used a heating pad throughout the day to help keep my temperature warmer because I felt like that might help with attachment.

Because I was not keeping up with my symptoms, I was not stressing over every little thing. So when 10dpo finally came around, I just knew that I could test and could potentially see a BFP. Well it was negative. I did the same thing at 11dpo and 12dpo. On 13dpo, I took a test first thing in the morning and got a BFN. Bad this time, I had convinced myself that there was no chance of this cycle and that I would have to try again next month. I was really trying to prepare myself for AF to show her face, because I did not want to convince myself that there was a chance of me being pregnant.

The rest of that day went pretty normal for me. However, that night as I was putting on my pajamas, I noticed that my nipples were super sore. My bbs had already been sore for about a week, but that is a normal PMS symptoms for me and I did not think anything else about that. But I knew that sore nipples were never normal for me and I had never actually had that symptom before. So I took a test, and got a BFP! I took about four more tests that night to confirm because I did not think it could actually happen after having a negative test that morning. I went for bloodwork yesterday and my hcG was 103.2. So as of today, I'm 4w2d.

I'm still in a little bit of shock. But if you're reading this, I think it helped me most to try to go through the TWW without symptom checking absolutely every sign and symptom and try to, as much as possible, continue my life without thinking about being in the TWW.

Baby dust to you all!

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