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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

2nd try and got a BFP!!

I feel very blessed to be able to share our BFP story.

For a few month prior to my first IUI (and still continuing) I was taking prenatal pills, baby aspirin, folic acid and Vitamin D. Then my RE put me on letrozole CD days 3-7. I took one 50IU shot of follistem on CD 7. On CD 12 I had the ultrasound, which showed one 24mm, 17mm, and 15mm follicle. Immediately after the ultrasound I got a 10,000IU HCG trigger shot then 30hrs later had my first IUI. 10dpiui I tested and got a BFN and everyday after all tests continued to be BFNs. Although I was disappointed, I was very much ready for round two. I felt like I was better equipped because I had been reading and researching so much during the 2ww.

My second IUI was almost the same except on CD 7 and 9 I took 75IU shot of follistem and had my ultrasound on CD 11. The ultrasound showed two 20mm follicles, and one 17mm follicle. My doctor did the HCG trigger right afterward but knocked it down to 5000IU instead of 10,000 in hopes that I would only release the two bigger eggs. 30 hours later I had the IUI done. So the main difference between the first IUI and the second was the follistem and doing the trigger and IUI one day sooner. At the time I had the IUI, I felt this tugging in my ovaries (like I was about to ovulate very soon).

From 1dpiui to 5dpiui I experienced a lot of lower back pain mainly on my right side. I would also feel that pain go down my right leg. No sore boobies

6dpiui the lower back pain wasn't as bad, but I did feel slight twinges in my lower abdomen and when I urinated I saw the tiniest little speck of blood on the toilet paper. No sore boobies

7-9dpiui I tested to ensure the trigger was out of my system. Slight back pain still and no sore boobies. Confirmed trigger shot was gone and test strips were all BFNs.

10dpiui I tested and got a BFP. I was happy but a little skeptical and didn't want to let my self get excited. Back pain and mild cramping began. No sore boobies

11dpiui I tested again and got a BFP and I tested again after that and got another BFP. I continued to have mild cramping and lower back pain. No sore boobies.

13dpiui I had the blood test done and confirmed my pregnancy. My HCG levels are a little high which may indicate more than one...yikes.

To everyone who is TTC, I hope and pray your BFP arrives soon. We had previously tried several times on our own with no success and feel very blessed to have found an amazing RE who has been an integral part of making this new journey possible.


Congratulations!  Happy and healthy 9 mos.

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