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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

2WW Symptoms

I read these symptom diaries again and again during my wait so I thought I would share my own. Trust what your body is telling you!

1 dpo--nothing
2 dpo--moderate ovary-like pain on left side
3 dpo--severe ovary pain on left side, massively bloated, hungry, winded on a hike I do frequently
4 dpo--bloated, mild pms-like cramps, hungry, hot, gassy
5 dpo--emotional, mood swings, irritable, crampy, winded on a short walk
6 dpo--peaceful feeling, hungry, crampy, tired, breast soreness
7dpo--crampy, gassy, tired, lotiony cm, Took a HPT-- BFN
8dpo--crampy, breasts sore, had to pee a lot, lotiony but dry cm, more bfns
9dpo--crampy, breasts very sore, dizzy/lightheaded, irritable and bitchy, bfns
10 dpo--crampy, very irritable, dizzy/lightheaded, BFN in morning, first very faint BFP at 2 pm! More faint BFPs by evening.


I am attributing my cramps to gassiness at 8 dpo...Would you say the same about yours or were the cramps different?

Mine felt like pms cramps, but worse. What other symptoms do you have?

Could someone help me : I am currently in my 2ww. I normally have pms symptoms which are heavy and painful breasts for at least 7-10 days before my period start. This time, it felt a bit different. My breast felt bigger and pain on the side of each breasts early on. However, since yesterday, the painful breasts decreased a bit and today have a pressure in my pelvic area. Could I still be pregnant ? Many thanks.

I honestly disagree, its very unlikely you would get this many symptoms starting so early, I only had cramps as did many other women, because you are ttc, you are reading in to things way too much. You should just take a break from the whole thing and go with the flow. But if you do want advice a big give away is like a full feeling in your womb, as though someones filled it with water or something, it is hard to explain... All I can say... Very few women get so many effects so early on. Baby dust to all

Hi all, my 2ww ends next Thursday and I can't wait, I think I'm doing pretty good with taking my mind of it, but there are times when I think about it! I just want to know either way so I can have a cry and move on for next month or if it's the news I've been wanting I can rejoice from the roof tops! I do pray that all this works out for us ladies!

I am 7dpo. about half-way through 2ww. So far i'm just hungry and a little crampy. I'm having weird dreams too. I've dreamed of twins 3 times in one week! I'm just going to wait and see.

Hi Ladies, I can't believe I'm posting here! I've been reading posts for about a week now and I'm very hopeful. Too many changes/clues happening in the last 10 days! I've been regular and very predictable for years! I never get AF symptoms before AF arrives, EVER, well, except irritability and being emotional! This month we BD on OD and I swear things have hit the fan! One posting said "trust what your body is telling you"! So here we go, today is 10DPO and for the last 7days I've had lower back pain like AF, full/bloated womb/uterus, constant cramping someday sharper than other on the left side and centre lower abdomen still going on, I've been soo hot, full/heavy itchy to sore boobs&nipples for days (never happens), very fatigued early in the day & yawning all day, waves of nausea constantly, gagged at the smell of a new catalog( so bizarre). Heightened sense of smell, some joint pain...more short of breath than usual, sleep-walking to the fridge for the frozen yoghurt that made me gag earlier that evening (strong crave came over me).....yeah, my body is breaking down(@ least I thought)......very unusual experience indeed. I'm not ready to test yet! One thing though, NO SPOTTING/Not much CM! I'm waiting until 14DPO to test, perhaps enjoying this 2ww ride and remaining grateful to God for the experience! I'm not as anxious as I was before.......I keep thinking I'm a bit cray, but my body keeps confirming the unusual......I pray all my ladies on here and out there who are TTC, a BFP to you all and Baby Dust *huggz* thank u 4 blessing me*

Fed up 10 years trying can you imagine how many 2ww that is, nothing physically wrong with my hubby and I this is my 14dpo, and I'm now getting aches is this another month gone, sigh

The first IVF, 2ww, I experienced fatigue and constant cramping and bloating feeling stared day 2. About a week later, I started with the food craving and my sense of smell heightened. Being IVF, meds can produce some of these symptoms but in my case, I was actually pregnant. Progestrone thickens the uterus wall so that can trigger some cramping. The estrogen patch can trigger the CM. Unfortunately, I had a blight ovum which happens a lot apparently. So, now I am doing round 2 of IVF. I have cramping again but it feels different and fatigue but I am only 7day on 2ww. Wish me luck!

Hi all I am a male 40 years old and this is our 2 ivf. she is now in the 2ww and we had 2 embryo transfer on a 3d I just wanted to express my admiration to all the females that fight so much to get a baby All the best luck

Tomorrow is the final day of my 1st DI 2ww, after a 3 year wait to get to this point and what a roller coaster it has been! The last 24hrs (and now as I lay in bed anticipating 'the test' ) have felt almost cruel! I can not believe I have managed to hold down a full time job and get through this! I'm afraid as I'm really not sure I can go through all this again if tomorrow's answer is no - please please tell me it gets easier, and that if I'm not elated in the morning that the loss of something that was never there is not as painful as I think it will be! Perhaps it's just 1st time nerves?

Well this is our 4th cycle of IUI and the next step is IVF which scares me a little. I never thought we would need to go there. I have a very good feeling about this month though... We'll find out in 10 days... For now, no symptoms, just hope

I didn't track my ovulation with opks or by temping I just observed cm. Immediately after the date that I believe I ovulated I had absolutely no cm and I still don't. 1-3 dpo extremely thirsty 4-6 dpo slight cramping, very slight soreness near armpits. 7 dpo peeing every 1-2 hours. I hadn't had anything to drink all day and I was still using the restroom and I peed a big amount each time! Extremely tired but I wasn't getting a lot of sleep to begin with. Also EXTREMELY BLOATED. I swear I looked 4 months pregnant. Tender tummy. 8 dpo slight dizziness and light headed. Again very tired but I hadn't had a lot of sleep. Bloating went down. Tender tummy. 9 dpo easily out of breath. Slightly bloated. Got my bfp at midnight so technically 10 dpo. It wasn't as dark as the control line but it was definitely there! I think it's a bit weird that I haven't had any cm since I ovulated. I also don't think I had very many symptoms. Another thing is from 7 to 9 dpo I just FELT pregnant for some reason, I think it was the massive bloating.

I have been looking for forums to share and relate to people with similar experiences. This is my first actual IUI, my husband sperm count was super 25million. But I do not know about my egg quality.This is first time during IUI cycle i produced an egg. I had 2 IUI cycles before without follicle growth. I am stressed to the max about this whole proceedure. Would really like to see a bfp just like other success stories. My 2ww symptoms so far Day 1iui bloating gassy heaviness of boobs fatigue slept a lot,nausea, diarhea Day 2 severe headache, HBP, bloating,anxiety,nausea,vomitting,gassy,hheaviness of boobs,diarhea Day 3 same as day 1 Day 4 same as day 1 and Heaviness of belly, bloating, heaviness of boobs,nipples felt sore and hurting,gassy,mild cramps, nausea, Day 5. Today is day 5. So far heaviness of belly, mild cramps, sore nipps, heavy boobs

Night sweat on day 4. I will keep updating my symptoms. Some of these could also b due to fertility drugs. Its just a waiting game at this point.   

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