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2wwand BFP

Hi, I am 37 yrs old and wanted to share my BFP story.

This was our second cycle. We started in March 15, did our cycle 1st cycle in June 15 and thereafter our second cycle in August 15.

I am sharing my story to let you know there is nothing to worry if any of you go through any of these:

1) 2 hours after my embryo transfer, I had to visit the loo. I was feeling constipated and the amount of pressure I had to use was not funny. It was really really bad. Ditto on Day 2. So, not to worry.

3) On the 9th day I went window shopping. I actually tripped and fell down one step. It was a proper fall. I was so paranoid. I called the Dr who sounded concerned and told me to let her know if there was any bleeding. The drive back to my home was my longest one ever. when I reached home I was relieved but a quick tissue dab revealed blood and I was heartbroken. The Dr prescribed a medication for three days. On googling the medicine, Etasyl I formed the impression it was to ease heavy flow of menstrual bleeding and was very sure I lost the baby. I cried my heart out.

Infact I was so sure that I waited it out till hubby returned from a work trip and got myself tested on Day 18. It turned out to be a BFP!!

So all of you out there, do not worry if:

1) if you have cried a lot or been depressed during your 2ww
2) if you meet with a minor accident
3) if you need to exert a lot of pressure while using the washroom or if you are constipated (my Dr told me they are two entirely different mechanisms)

The other things I worried about but anyway did were:

1) I took no bed rest. My Dr didn't advise it. I was up and about on the same day. I rested on the bed where the procedure was performed for approx 20 mins. Thereafter walked down one flight of stairs, went GE which was a good 40 mins drive with the traffic (I wasn't driving, in fact Dr advised to avoid driving long distances during the 2WW). Once home, I slept for a couple of hours, and then it was just a normal day.

2) I went for a movie on Day 2. Went for Mission Inpossible V in IMAX on Day 5. Was worried about the impact of the sound & action.

3) I ate leftovers

4) I ate in restaurants

5) I didn't sleep too well. Woke up almost every night around 3 am and stayed up for an hour or two.

6) Webt for a slow 30 minute walk almost every evening.

7) Spent 2-2.5 hours in the mall at a stretch.

The things I did so were.

1) Stopped my daily Nespresso shot. Instead had 2 huge cups of white or green tea in the morning and a mug of premixed milk powder, coffee and sugar in the evening.

2) I did not eat any icecream or drink anything too cold. No carbonated drinks.

3) Wore socks to keep my feet warm.

4) tried to stay in fresh air with windows opening house all day long. Tried to take deep breaths.

Also I had virtually no symptoms during the 2WW, except for fatigue after walking around in the malls. I also started having a slightwhite discharge around Day 11.

My big learning from this experience has been:

The outcome of a BFP is 95% plus controlled by the quality of the embryos. There is precious little one can do or not do. Of course the no brainer rules like no smoking, alcohol or excessive caffeine need to be kept in mind. But other than that, the best thing to do is probably to go about your everyday routine during the 2WW.

Good luck to all of you out there. Muah!!


hi,good luck to all.

Hi to all

Congratulations! Happy and healthy 9 mos.


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