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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

3 failed IUI tried IVF- BFP- PCOS

I am 37 years old. Tried on our own for 6 months, added clomid/ ovidrel, 4 more months nothing.
Saw RE.
Found out I have skinny PCOS. I have alway had an issue w/ on time periods.
3 Failed IUIS. I did acupuncture, yoga, castor oil packs... FAILED.

I knew something was wrong. We went for the IVF. Something in my GUT told me to do the genetic testing PGS.

They got 15 eggs, only 6 made it to day 5. So, they tested those 6. 4 were bad!!!! So, I have 2.
I love the genetic testing. I know I am keeping frozen 2 good eggs. We know they are the same sex but, didn't ask the sex.
You only have to put ONE egg in cause you KNOW it is a GOOD EGG/blastocyst

Also, of my 4 that were bad 2 were the "higher" quality ones. So, if I didn't do the PGS I would have put a genetically messed up egg in and most likely miscarried. What they heck would you spend all the $$ for IVF and not know you are putting in a GOOD EGG?!?!

I was always looking for symptoms. To me I didn't have any. The only thing that was different was my boobs were tingly and bigger. I was bloated about 4-5 days after the egg went back in. They did a FROZEN transfer w/ me. Where I wait about 2 cycles for my hyper body to calm down from the meds from the Egg retrieval!

First beta was 450, next 1425! So far so good!!!

I just want to post that if you spend the $ for IVF, spend the extra for the genetic testing. It is an insurance policy so you KNOW you are putting back a good egg. If they took 15 eggs and 2 were good, and we were trying for 1.5 years... no wonder why I wasn't getting pregnant. Add to that stress, timing etc. etc.

SO!! Hang in there ladies!!!! I never thought I would be typing there.
I did acupuncture 2x a week, the day before transfer and day of.
Castor oil packs 4x a week.
Utericalm - taste nasty though
Raspberry leaf tea
Thera Natalpre Natal vitamins (ask doc for coupon code)
Maca Root in my shakes
Pineapple core
baby asprin a day
Metform for the PCOS before dinner
Fertility Yoga DVD
Timing is key some of regiments so google when to do them.

I tested day 9 after transfer and got my BFP

GOOD LUCK and baby dust to ALL!


Congrats I am happy to hear you finally got your BFP!!  Have a happy and healthy 9 months!!  Thank you for sharing your story as well.  I am waiting to try an IUI after 1.5 years of nothing.  On clomid for now and get about 2 mature follicles each cycle.  I am saving the cost of injections for when I may have to do IVF.  I am glad you pointed out to spend additional cost for genetic testing.  I thought they automatically still tested the ones that last before transfer.

Congratulations!  Happy and healthy 9 mos.

Congrats!! what is your update???  I had a successful PGS genetic tested FET transfer last year and delivered a healthy baby.  :) we just transferred another FET on Monday. I am quite nervous as this is our only good quality, chromosomally normal embryo left in storage that we transferred. This time I did take Maca, UteriCalm, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea as well (Along with acupuncture). My question to you is if you continued taking Maca, UteriCalm & RRLT after transfer??  If so, for how long? Has your pregnancy been successful thus far?

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