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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

3 Positive OPK's, B4 Positive HPT !!

* YES, I have another post that I posted yesterday Im fairly to this site so I dont know how to delete anything yet. Though Im working on it . AGE: 23 Cycles Vary From : 29 Days to 37 Days Luteal Phase : 14 to 16 Different things DH & I tried this cycle: 1. "Doggy style" (I have a Posterior Cervix/ Cervix naturally sits to left) 2. Robitussin (To Help Make CM more fertile) 3. Laying on my stomach to the side for 20 min afterward with small pillow 4. $ Tree HPT & OPK tests 5. Eating healthy (3meals per day) & Healthy Snacks 6. Drinking more fluid more juices & Fresh Fruit Smoothie 7. Multivitamins (Womens) 8. BDing 9 days in a row (Before, During, and After Ov.) 9. Charting w/ "FF" Ov. Day: Watery & Lotiony CM, Tender Breasts On Sides (Normal from O to AF), Ovulation Pain, Increased Sex Drive, Guaifenesin (Tussin) , The infamous "Im out feeling" 1DPO: Creamy & Tiny Pieces of White CM (Odorless, No itch or burn) *New , Tender Breasts On Sides, Increased Sex Drive, Vivid Dreams about Fish Swimming in Bathtub (Conception Dream) *New 2DPO: Creamy CM, Tender Breasts On Sides, Vivid Dream , Slightly Itchy Nips & Felt a Pinch *New 3DPO: Thick & Creamy CM, Tender Breasts On Sides, Cramping Left Sided (Happened Really Fast), Vivid Dream - Nightmare. 4DPO: Abundant Amount of Creamy & Tiny Pieces of White CM (Odorless no Itch or Burn) , Tender Breasts On Sides, Full Breasts, Left Side Dull twinges (Felt like Heartbeat Twinges) *New , Vivid Dream. 5DPO: Creamy Lotiony White Pieces tiny clumps of CM (Odorless no itch or Burn), Tender Breasts On Sides (Not As Drastic as Last Month), Milk Ducts feel Rock Hard & Swollen , Nausea/Queaziness *New , Full Breasts, Left Ovary Area Throbbing Ache & Left Sided Dull twinges. 6DPO: Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Ovulation Pain, Fatigue, Cramps on Left Side of Hip *New , Full Breasts, Left Sided Mild/Dull twinges, Feels like Af or Ov. Achiness, Vivid Dream about Chatting w/ a Nice Kind Older Lady (*Means bearing children after losing hope in fertility), Light Fatigue. 7DPO: Creamy CM, Tender Breasts Soreness Not as Bad on sides *New - they usually stay sore O to AF , Diarrhea, Dull twinges Cervix Area, Full Breasts, Vivid Dreams about Diving into Water, "Im out Feeling". 8DPO: Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Nausea/Queaziness , Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Dull twinges in Cervix Area, Mild/Dull Cramping Left Side, Tanner Areolas (*New), More Pronounced Green Blue Veins in Breasts (Had this B4 in non-TTC cycles). 9DPO: Dry CM *New - Usually Creamy O to AF, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Fatigue, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Veiny Breasts, "Im out feeling" , Vivid Dream - Arguing w/ Pregnant Lady , Constipated. 10DPO: Dry CM, Tender Breasts Underneath Nips & Sides, Bloated, Gassy, Diarrhea, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, (2) Positive +OPK's, Lightly Fatigued, Bloating, Tanner & Slightly Areolas, Vivid Dream 11DPO(BFN-): Creamy CM, (1) Positive OPK+, (1) Negative(Evap) HPT-, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Fatigue, Constipation, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Areolas Tanner & Bigger , Queaziness/Nausea. 12DPO: "Im Out Feeling", Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Constipation, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Dull Pelvic Ache/Pressure/Heaviness (Feels like AF is coming). 13DPO (BFP+): Creamy CM, Faint Positive HPT+, Tender Breasts, Nausea/Queaziness, Diarrhea, Cramps, Heavy Breasts, Positive Tests 14DPO (BFP+): Creamy CM, Tender Breasts Everywhere, Irritability, Frequent Urination, Constipation, Lower Abdomen Cramps, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Green Blue Veiny Breasts, Clear Positive HPT+ (showed up within 1min - 3mins). New Things in this "BFP-Cycle" that tipped me off that I might have Concieved: 1. Vivid Dreams - Fish , Older Ladies , Fire , Water and Overall Wierd stuff 2. CM Dried Up for 2 Days ... Which is Not normal Usually CM stays creamy O to AF. 3. Breasts Grew A Cup Size ( A to B ) & More Blue Veins on Breasts. 4. I went back & forth Between Diarrhea & Constipation 5. Tanner Areolas & They Grew Slightly Bigger 6. Had Cramps & Cervix Vibrations (Twinges) 7. I had Way more symptoms in BFN-Cycles 8. Queaziness/Nausea (Didnt Puke), but it woke me from my sleep. - Every woman is Unique so symptoms Vary & Symptoms are Unique as well. I "Googled" my life away thinking I had PCOS & A 2nd LH Surge because i had Multiple Positive OPK's & a Negative HPT. I trusted my intuition and found I was right. So if you test early and think a negative HPT is not correct make sure to keep taking tests until AF shows up . Your Not out until the "Wicked Witch Sings". Im still in Disbeilef I didnt think it was possible for me to get Pregnant after Having No AF for (4) years because I was underweight. Finally 5 Months ago I started getting AF & I had skipped one cycle . Also I had irregular cycles . Anything is possible. :)

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