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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

3 yrs TTC, 1 Miscarriage, Stage 4 Endo

I have spent 3 years on this forum, reading of hope each day. I am excited to finally have the chance to give hope to someone out there reading this now...about to throw the towel in. I wanted to pinch anyone who would offer advise saying, "stop trying honey...that's when it will happen." I watched each one of my friends who had fertility troubles get a BFP one by one...I was left feeling alone. Had endo surgery in October last year, stage 4. So this New Years resolution was to not get pregnant. No charting, no checking, no temperatures, just work, and focusing on a new job opportunity with DH. I got my BFP on Thursday. Because I wasn't tracking anything here is what I can share:

Spotting like the end of AF 7 DPO
No symptoms except major tender BB's (this is normal with AF)
DH said my PMS was mild (meaning I wasn't being a bear) clue
Lower abdomen cramping
No AF signs at all
Took test within 30 seconds was super dark pink line.
Went to Dr. to confirm. BFP

I think it finally hit me today when I realized I am still waiting for AF but I won't see her for a while. All of you are truly in my prayers. Infertility isn't talked about as much as it should be. Sometimes advise may be coming from a good place but I just didn't want to hear it. I pray there will be more simple nods of understanding, and a hug offered to those of us who struggle. Baby dust and a big hug from someone who has been there ((((((hugs)))))).


Thank you for your post. You said everything I am always thinking. People who mean well say all the wrong things and unless you have gone through infertility yourself, you have NO idea what it's like. It's the little reminders everywhere that hurt so much. I was buying a TON of ice cream today at Kroger because my favorite kind was on sale and this rude woman behind me on the checkout line asked me if I am pregnant because she thought I was having cravings. This post was so optimistic and I truly appreciate you posting your BFP. It does give me hope. We have been TTC for 7 months and have had one miscarriage. I hope I can have my BFP soon. Good luck to you, your DH, and your baby! xoxo

Thank you wo much for sharing. I'm currently where you were all those previous months, so it gives me so much strength to read your story. May you have a healthy pregnancy and an even healthier baby!xx

Echo what the others are saying. I personally want to beat them with a saucer everytime they say that (It'll happen when its suppose to...... Just relax.......) Note to self, to never say that when we are blessed with a BFP.  We're on cycle 8 ttc and are trying to "not want" to be BFP. Sigh, it so hard when everyone else is becoming pregnant and we're in small farming community where everyone is in everyones business.   Keep the faith and thank you, so much, for hope   a

We have been ttc for two years. I am a divorce attorney and it breaks my heart everyday to hear people not care about seeing their children.  Or to see people that want to know how they can "sign over their rights" to their children.  It is so hard not to cry.  And if one more person says "Oh, you are so lucky you don't have children because you can have so much free time to yourself", I am going to go on a slapping spree.   I have stage 4 endo as well, and had my right ovary and tube removed due to an aggressive endometrioma.  The doctors are pushing for a hysterectomy because the endo is too aggressive and I will have to have a bowel resection soon because of the endo scaring.  We have had two miscarriages, and my tww is over tomorrow, as I have my blood test.  We had 2 embryos transfered on day 2 through a fresh cycle IVF.  I have already convinced myself that it will be a BFN so that my heart won't break if it is a BFN.  Thank you so much for sharing your positive news.  I hope to post my success soon, too, and hopefully help others like you have!

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