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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

36 BFP after a year and a half trying

Hi All thanks for reading! I often found myself here "symptom spotting" and feel it necessary to share my story. If there's one thing I learned through this experience it's to never give up hope...even when your heart is shattered month after month!

So here goes.... I am 36 with a 13 year old and a 10 year old from a previous marriage. Both girls that took over 2 years to conceive, only back then I had no idea on tracking ovulation. Just learned that since me and current hubby (who has no kids of his own) have started trying. Although I got pretty good at not only nailing which day I ovulated, I could tell the difference in my body in general when the progesterone would kick in. Who knew progesterone gives you EVERY pregnancy symptom known to man?! So many months I thought for sure we were in, only to be devastated by af showing her ugly face! That said, don't read too much into your "symptoms" during the first 2 weeks. They can only be confirmed as possible symptoms AFTER you find out you're pregnant anyway! I know I know, probably not what you wanted to read, however, after I came to that realization, things got so much easier and less devastating. Sorry for such a long read but wanted to just be real......and now what you're really here to read......

1dpo-10dpo......insanely sore breasts (very normal for me after ovulation)

2dpo...husbands grandmother passed away and when he told me, I instantly had a wave of "I'm pregnant" come over me. Crazy I know but in my family, when someone is pregnant, someone almost always passes.

7dpo-8dpo....12 hour car ride home the hubby opens a bottle of Mtn Dew and the glorious smell of it still makes me want to drink one (haven't drank pop in months) which is funny to me because I craved it with my oldest girl.

11 dpo....cramps and temp dropped to just above coverline and I thought FOR SURE I was out AGAIN this month only i didnt start by mid morning like I always do on temp drop days. Took a wondfo cheapie around 2pm (these are ALWAYS stark white for me) except if I turn this one a certain way and close one eye, do a little hop....there's a shadow! What the what?!?! No, these are always stark white, remember?! So I immediately go to the store and get a box of frer to which I took on about a 3 hour pee hold. Yep, definite FAINT of all FAINT lines within 3 minutes. Disbelief strikes and I somehow managed to not tell anyone or let my excitement out. (The in laws are here)

12dpo....2am pee darker pink line of frer and darker barely there shadow on wondfo. BFP on baby #3 and I am scared, nervous, ecstatic and so many other emotions rolled into one!
Also told the hubby.....he did a happy dance and almost cried! He's been waiting on this!


I can feel your happiness in your post.  Congrats!!!  

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