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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

37yr old who enjoys life gets a BFP @ 9DPO :)

I have, like many of you, stalked this site until my own BFP so thought I would add mine as I enjoyed reading others. I have two girls aged 7 & 8 with my ex husband and honestly did not expect to be having any more, my ex husband is lovely but did not want anymore children. Life unexpectedly changed and I now have a new partner and we decided we would love to add to our family (he has no previous children). I had the copper coil in since the birth of my last ,over six years ago. The coil was removed May 2015 and we set about trying immediately. I downloaded Fertility Friend and began charting.....After 4 mths of BDing at the supposed correct times (and more!) I decided to get a little help from my friends. My periods having previously been regular and 28 days did not settle and ranged from 28-35 days. I had been having strong PMT symptoms which of course made me think that I was pregnant each month so I obviously had a hormone imbalance which was not settling well on its own. I saw a Traditional Chinese Medicine man (colleague at work, I am an Osteopath) who prescribed relevant herbs. After 1 month of taking the herbs my symptoms calmed completely and I had a non eventful cycle, did not feel pregnant and was not pregnant! For the start of the next cycle I saw my own Cranial Osteopath as I felt that I was still blocked and irritated around my cervix. I saw her whilst I was menstruating and during treatment a lot of fresh blood and large clots bypassed my sanitary wear and I immediately felt easier in myself. This cycle, to cover all bases as I'm sure you're all aware, it can be quite monotonous BDing constantly day after day, we used 10ml syringes twice and did A.I (artificial insemination) using preseed. I would like to add that my partner was informed via a good recommended home fertility test that his sperm count was very low (he has worked with noxious chemicals and heavy metals all of his adult life, he is now 51, we thought we were buggered), he was due more tests with the specialist Jan 2016. We had previously tried the every other day method but this cycle decided to try the "drown the egg in sperm" method.This cycle I conceived. BD cycle day 5,8,10,12,13,14,15,16,18 (2 of which were A.I & preseed......we were pooped, just wanted to put our feet up and watch Strictly Come Dancing. This is according to FF who says I ovulated on Day 16 but it was actually Day 14/15 (pinching ovary pains on the left day 14 and cramps day 15) ....(Baseline temp 97.40) 1 DPO: 97.70F 2 DPO: 97.70F Creamy CM ( cervical Mucus), breasts tender, bloated gassy, shooting pains in breasts, pelvic twinges 3 DPO: 97.80F Cervix very high, damp and engorged vaginal walls, Sticky CM, bloated, increased appetite 4 DPO: 97.80F Bloated, back ache left lumber spine, increased appetite 5 DPO: 98.10F Pinching with bubbles Left pelvic region, noticeable veins upper thighs and chest, tender breasts, increased sex drive, irritability (even with previous....hehe probably because i didn't get any...) fatigue, gassy increased appetite pelvic twinges.......also had a few vinos 6 DPO: 97.60F Abdominal muscles feel continuously contracted. Snotty CM, resting pulse has increased, sharp pains Left pelvic, left lumbar spine, left breast....getting excited, think they are implantation pains: had the dip on temp chart, lots of snotty CM followed by creamy CM (there is a difference), tender breasts, bloated, irritability, fatigue, frequent urination, gassy, constipation, back ache, cramps, increased appetite, nosebleed 7 DPO: 97.90F Still abdominals feel continuously contracted, stuffy nose, nausea, backache 8 DPO: 97.70F Increased sense of smell, sleep deprived, headache, increased appetite, vivid dreams.....did enjoy a glass of vino though 9 DPO: 98.20 GOT A SQUINTER!!! very faint but even the man can see it.....Tender breasts, fatigue, frequent urination, skin break out, gassy, backache, cramps, increased appetite, vivid dreams.... I then stopped charting as I woke the very next morning and my temp had dropped and I realised that I did not want to drive myself bonkers analysing everything... I have done enough of that already. I really hope this little one is in for the long haul :) I have had a few M/Cs before my first daughter. I am an older, calmer personality now so who knows. Now I have my BFP my social smoking has gone out the window and I really don't fancy a vino.......I generally have a good, varied and balanced diet, am fairly fit and in the 3 mths before we conceived (and still do) we start the day with a Nutriblast and for the 2 mths before we conceived we both took the Pregnacare Him & Her Pre conception supplement. I have continued to POAS daily (going to wean myself off soon, is too easy with zillions of IC's in the cupboard) and the line gets darker each day, it is now nearly as dark as the control. I can honestly say that the One Step HPTs and OPKs have been brilliant, worth every penny of the £7.50 I spent on 50 of them (30 OPKs/20 HPTs), amazing! I now have nausea, especially when driving, odd pelvic twinges and pinches and am starving - literally feeling faint if I don't eat. Good Luck all you lovely ladies - Have a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year. xx


This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. God bless and have a happy healthy 9 months :)

Congratulations and a happy and healthy 9months!

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